China offers to help India fight coronavirus pandemic

China has thanked India for its support in the fight against Covid-19 and offered to help contain the pandemic in the country

Mar 26, 2020

China has thanked India for its support in the fight against Covid-19 and offered to help contain the pandemic in the country.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, Counselor Ji Rong said, "Chinese enterprises have started to make donations to India. We stand ready to provide further support and assistance to the best of our capability in light of the needs of the Indian side."

China and India, she said, have maintained communication and cooperation and lent support to each other in coping with the epidemic through difficult times.

Over 3,200 people have died and around 81,000 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus in China so far. India sent about 15 tonnes of medical assistance comprising masks, gloves and other emergency medical equipment to the coronavirus-hit Wuhan city.

"The Indian side has provided medical supplies to China. Indian people have supported China's fight against the epidemic in various ways. We express appreciation and thanks for that," she said.

China, she said, has timely shared its experience in epidemic prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment since the beginning of the outbreak.

Recently, China held an online video conference to brief 19 Eurasian and South Asian countries, including India, on China's experience, the spokesperson pointed out.

"We believe that the Indian people will win the battle at an early date. China will continue to fight the epidemic together with India and other countries, enhance cooperation in multilateral platforms such as G20 and BRICS, contribute our wisdom and strength to better address the global challenges and promote the health and well-being of all mankind," Ji Rong said.

Meanwhile, China has strongly objected to the reference 'Chinese virus' used by US President Donald Trump and many people worldwide, for Covid-19, arguing that it is stigmatising the Chinese people.

In a statement issued by spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, Ji Rong said although Wuhan city in China first reported the outbreak, there is no evidence that China is the source of the virus that caused Covid-19.

Trump was the first head of a state to call Covid-19 as "Chinese virus" arguing that he wanted to be "accurate" about the origin of the novel coronavirus that has caused a global pandemic. He called it "Chinese virus" after China blamed American soldiers for bringing the contagion to Wuhan. The phrase is now widely being used by people across several countries on social media.

The Chinese spokesperson said, "These arguments ignore the facts and confuse right and wrong. They are irresponsible and do nothing to help international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control. We are strongly opposed to these arguments."

The origin of the novel coronavirus is a matter of science that requires professional and scientific assessment, she said. "Research by scientists from the United States, Europe, China and Japan as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that there is no certain conclusion as to the origin of Covid-19."

Pointing out that Chinese people are also victims of the virus, Ji Rong said, there is a clear consensus by WHO and the international community that a virus should not be linked to any specific country, region or ethnic group and such stigmatisation should be rejected.


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