The short story of a lifetime

Noted Pakistani author Aamer Hussein talks about his new collection of short stories, the people who inhabit them, and the art of telling a tale
May 25, 2015

His new collection is a slim one, not even two hundred pages long. Yet, Pakistani author Aamer Hussein’s “37 Bridges and Other Stories” leaves you with the feeling that you have consumed multiple worlds, met multiple people, and lived multiple lives. In short, succinct ways, Hussein unfolds deeper, lasting experiences, allowing you to feel much more than just what’s being said. Every story, its contemporary setting familiar and its tone the kind of strong silent one that doesn’t need frills, paints a unique picture, drawing you in slowly. Already known as a man who wields his pen with ease and finesse, Hussein has authored eight other books, one of them a novella, and the rest, collections of short stories. With “37 Bridges and Other Stories”, Hussein proves yet again that he has mastered the art of telling a tale.

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