Zero tolerance for attacks on journalists

Jul 12, 2017
Make it clear that there will be zero tolerance for those who commit physicalviolence on journalists
Journalists provide a valuable service to nation and community, often putting themselves in harm’s way to get to the truth of a story.
That is why it is completely unacceptable that hooligans assaulted a reporter of The Daily Star who was on the job, even wearing his press ID, while he was taking photographs of them vandalising a bus.
Let’s face it – these acts are attempts to threaten and silence journalists.
It is now up to the government to make it clear that there will be zero tolerance for those who commit physical violence on journalists, and try to suppress the truth through intimidation.
We ask the government to bring these thugs to book, and send a clear message to all others who think of assaulting journalists.
Dhaka Tribune, July 13, 2017

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