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The arrest of a journalist in Quetta on Sunday illustrates the extent to which the legislation on electronic crimes can be used to stifle dissent.


It is not often that we hear such good news coming out of Pakistan. But last week the state issued its first passport with a separate category for the ‘third gender’. This is an important milestone for the country’s marginalised transgender community.


A Baloch separatist, Abdul Rasool, leader of the Baloch Liberation Army, along with his group surrendered to the security forces on Wednesday.


Spare a thought for the people of Parachinar. First militants strike them, leaving more than 100 dead. Then they are subjected to law enforcement gunfire for daring to protest the government’s seeming indifference to their plight.


DESPICABLE attacks in Quetta and Parachinar yesterday — one of the most sacred days of Ramazan — have caused a terrible loss of life and injury.


A SECOND confession, and yet more revelations. The ISPR on Thursday released another video recording of convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in which he gave further information about his subversive activities in Pakistan.


In what some might consider an unusual intervention the Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit — whose tenure ends at the end of July 2017 — has said that ‘there is room for rethink’ in the case of the spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.


IN a society where a culture of violence and machismo seems to have become entrenched, journalists — whose job it is to report on events and developments both positive and otherwise — can often find themselves in a difficult situation.


One wonders why PPP that loves to describe itself as “liberal and progressive” party always surrenders to the pressure of right wingers and other influential groups.


Afghanistan over the last couple of years, has understood the advantage of playing the victim card; both on national and international.


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spotlight image Relations between India and Morocco go back a millennium with the first recorded links dating to the 14th century, when the famous traveller and writer from Tangier, Ibn Batuta, travelled to India.
Stepping up action against terrorists attacking India, President Donald Trump's Administration has declared Hizb-ul Mujahideen (HM) a “global terrorist organisation” in an attempt to choke off financial and other support to it.
On 14 August 1947 Pakistan, consisting of East and West Pakistan, celebrated its independence. The 14th was chosen for the ceremony because Lord Mountbatten who came to Karachi as the Chief Guest had to later leave for Delhi where ot the midnight stroke India was to declare its independence.
The Doklam stand-off and a variety recent opinion pieces in magazines and newspapers draws attention to the poor state of defence policy preparedness and the lack of meaningful higher defence control in India. 
The two ideologically divergent ruling partners - the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - in Jammu and Kashmir are headed for a showdown as the debate over the abrogation of Article 35A of the Constitution of India heats up.
At the root of the present Doklam crisis is China’s intrusion into Bhutanese territory for its road building projects. These connectivity projects are integral to President Xi Jinping’s dream project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). India and Bhutan were the only two countries that did not participate in the first forum
It wasn’t so long ago that the whole world watched as Donald Trump sashayed on to the Riyadh red carpet and stole the show with his tough talk on Iranian-sponsored terrorism.
A vehicular attack to maximise casualties and spread panic is now a well-tested terrorist strategy in European cities.
It is a privilege to be invited to this most prestigious of law schools in the country, more so for someone not formally lettered in the discipline of law. I thank the Director and the faculty for this honour.

As talk of war and violence -- all that Mahatma Gandhi stood against -- gains prominence across the world, a Gandhian scholar has urged that the teachings of the apostle of non-violence be taken to the classroom.


Interview with Hudson Institute’s Aparna Pande, whose book From Chanakya to Modi: Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy, was released on June 17.


This is the continuing amazing spiritual journey of a Muslim man from Kerala who plunged into Vedic religion after a chance encounter with a Hindu mystic under a jackfruit tree in the backyard of his house when he was just nine. It is a story w...


History is told by the victors but in our modern age, even contemporary events get - or are given - a slant, where some contributors soon get eclipsed from the narrative or their images tarnished.


Humans have long had a fear of malignant supernatural beings but there may be times when even the latter cannot compare with the sheer evil and destructiveness mortals may be capable of. But then seeking to enable the end of the world due to it...

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