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Sixty years ago, when Swiss geologist Toni Hagen walked across the length and breadth of Nepal he used to ask villagers what they wanted most. The reply was almost always: a footbridge. Rivers divided Nepal into an archipelago of isolated valleys, especially in the monsoon.


Children learn from what they see at home and outside. No wonder they believe gender inequality is normal in society.


Nepalese women scrub mud off bricks, salvaged from a house damaged by the 2015 earthquake, to use them in reconstruction in Bhaktapur, Nepal


The SEZ law has already been enacted and foreign firms have also shown interest in investing in SEZ after the passage of this law. The Government seeks to better regulate the importing firms through the recent approval of the Export Import Code Implementation Guidelines, which the Customs Department is set to enforce beginning January 26.


Previous attacks could be of great help to predict future attacks and patterns of attacks. We can expect satellites, naval forces, aircraft, missiles and rockets being hacked and exploited to cause severe damage to the global economy and infrastructure. The proliferation of internet usage in the recent years has changed the way we interact daily.


A way forward to find a win-win situation for all the parties is to sit together and find a way out as per the SC verdict. The Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday regarding the registration of constitution amendment bill has put to rest the controversy related to redrawing boundaries of the Pradeshes.


Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala today accused the Maoists of delaying the constituent assembly election. “It is clear that the Maoists are responsible in creating problems that will automatically hamper timely election of the constituent assembly.


BP’s old fears about fast-changing geopolitical currents in South Asia and the world have become even more pronounced today


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has started installing more solar-powered streetlights in the capital city. This will add to the number of solar streetlamps covering more stretches of its streets, a process which was begun during the preparations for the latest SAARC summit held in Kathmandu some two years ago.


During the last two months, several articles have been published about the Imja Lake lowering project and disaster mitigation initiatives taken by Nepal Army and Hydrology and Meteorology Department (DHM).


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spotlight image China has handed over two ships to the Pakistan Navy to safeguard the strategic Gwadar port and trade routes under the $ 46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a move likely to raise alarm in India.  
The possibility of a Taliban attack targeting Emirati officials is not going down well with analysts writes Monish Gulati
Since late 2015, cultural and political issues have strained relations between the two countries with anti-Indian sentiment growing amongst the government and people of Nepal, writes Dr. Binodkumar Singh for South Asia Monitor.  
Recently, vandals desecrated at least 20 Hindu idols and three temples in Jamai bazar area in Tungipara of Gopalganj district of Bangladesh Recently, vandals desecrated at least 20 Hindu idols and three temples in Jamai bazar area in Tungipara of Gopalganj district of Bangladesh
spotlight image

It will also feature glimpses of Indian traditional, folk and tribal art such as Gond, Madhubani and Pattachitra paintings.

spotlight image The prime minister is wrong if she thinks a poorer Britain is the price people want to pay for limiting free movement
spotlight image It is unfortunate that Taiwan has a neighbor across the Taiwan Strait that wants to annex it, but, even more frustrating, Taiwanese also have to put up with people who echo China’s rhetoric and intended to intimidate Taiwanese into obedience.
Read the transcriipt of UN Secretary-General's End-of-Year Press Conference, held in New York on December 16, here...
spotlight image It is wrong to look only at Israel while fighting rages across the Middle East, writes the former Shin Bet chief.
spotlight image A flurry of videos has emerged in the social media in recent days showing jawans of both the paramilitary forces and the Army complaining against a host of issues from diet to colonial-era practices. While these are disciplinary breaches, they are a good reason to initiate a detailed study into the internal health of our security estab

What will be Pakistan's fate? Acts of commission or omission by itself, in/by neighbours, and superpowers far and near have led the nuclear-armed country at a strategic Asian crossroads to emerge as a serious regional and global concern whi...


Some South African generals, allied with the British forces, sought segregation from the enlisted men, all blacks, after being taken prisoners of war. The surprised German commander told them firmly that they would have to share the same quarte...


An aching sense of love, loss and yearning permeate this work of fiction which, however, reads like a personal narrative set in an intensely disruptive period of Indian history, and adds to the genre of partition literature, writes Ni...


This is a path-breaking work on India's foreign policy since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in May 2014 and surprised everyone by taking virtual charge of the external affairs portfolio. A man who had been denied visa by some count...

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