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The Brazilian Senate has just voted 55 to 22 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. She will be suspended for the next 180 days while the same body tries her on the charge of understating the size of the budget deficit before the last election.


India’s Look/ Act East policy is growing a new gateway. Conventional wisdom had Myanmar as India’s lean-in platform for Asia. Bangladesh may be hijacking that role.

While India remains locked in a 1947 relationship with Pakistan and a 1950s one with Nepal, Bangladesh seems to have broken out and India and Bangladesh are taking simple but significant steps towards a new neighbourhood paradigm. The relationship is not problem-free by any stretch of the imagination, neither will it probably ever be. But dawn is breaking.


China's recent invocation of the Non- Proliferation Treaty  (NPT) to try and block India's entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) ignores Beijing's own record of helping North Korea, Pakistan and Iran acquire nuclear and missile technology in violation of international non-proliferation regimes. 



The Supreme Court’s ruling on the call drop issue should act as a wake-up call to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Though the decision to strike down TRAI’s order may appear to be anti-consumer on the face of it, a full reading of the judgment reveals there were several gaps in the proposed regulation that would have left mobile users no better off than they are now. The process followed by TRAI was so arbitrary and non-transparent that even if the regulations had been implemented, consumers would have found it difficult to get compensated for the inconvenience they faced due to frequent call drops.


Sacking its envoy for maintaining too close a relationship with the foreign government is a serious charge.

Nepal did just that to its envoy in New Delhi, Deep Kumar Upadhyay, allegedly for colluding with India to topple the KP Oli government in Kathmandu. It also cancelled the scheduled visit of the Nepali president to the Indian capital at the eleventh hour.


The benefits of the internet economy, from a dramatic fall in money-transfer costs to being able to access low-cost education content online, are well-known, but the issue is how many Indians will benefit from this despite the very high penetration of mobile phones. One graphic in the World Bank’s Digital Dividends report says it all



While Russia, with falling energy prices and a depreciating rouble, has found it increasingly difficult to market its oil and gas and finance its energy infrastructure developments,  next door Japan has been importing expensive LNG  from half way across the world to meet its energy requirements. Both countries can mitigate their economic problems to a degree by simply enhancing their bilateral trade and energy ties. Their geopolitical postures and options would also improve if they would cooperate more, writes Monish Gulati for South Asia Monitor.


The United Nations arbitration tribunal’s decision on the Italian marines case, announced on May 3, seeks to placate both India and Italy over a tragic incident that led to the death of two Indian fishermen off Kochi in February 2012.




India sees this visit as a marker of a new beginning whose goal is to establish a much stronger relationship with Papua New Guinea, which is the largest in geographical area as well as population, among Pacific island countries. This visit is part of India's growing engagement with Pacific island countries. It is seen as a progression of the two the Forum for India–Pacific Islands Cooperation (?FIPIC?) summits held in Fiji and India in 2014 and 2015 respectively, writes Aniket Bhavthankar for South Asia Monitor


F there is an election, can politics of religion be far behind? Especially where Muslims constitute 34.2 per cent of the population and they are in a majority in nine of the state's 34 districts?


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spotlight image I am honored to be here today for the first U.S. government exchange alumni conference for India and Bhutan.
The European Union and India should work closely to bring peace, stability and development in Afghanistan, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said.
A pre-dawn  suicide terror attack (fidayeen)  on an army camp in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday (April 27)   resulted in the death of three army personnel including an officer,  while two terrorists were neutralized. Combing operations are in progress to ascertain if any of the attackers have
  It would seem that the government of India has decided to suppress the voices of Kashmiris by imposing a social media ban.
The brief hand-holding took place in the Gulf of Aden. Despite a history of border dispute, diplomatic clashes and rivalry on various issues, India and China joined forces on April 9 to rescue a merchant vessel from pirates.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sprang a surprise when he registered himself as a candidate in Iran’s presidential election scheduled for May 19. After leaving the office of President in 2013 at the end of two controversial terms, the firebrand populist has been largely inactive in politics. 
That China strictly implements the UN Security Council resolutions that sanction North Korea is seen by all. If Pyongyang continues with its nuclear and missile tests, China is bound to support more harsh resolutions on this country.
India should be extremely wary of any Trump involvement on the Kashmir issue because he would do anything to bring India to the table, writes Dr. Susmit Kumar for South Asia Monitor.
The core parts of the controversial Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system have been moved to the site of what had been a golf course in southern South Korea.
Health of the citizens and the economy of the nation they inhabit go hand in hand and every buck spent on former guarantees a manifold increase in the latter,  said noted public health expert K Srikant Reddy. The lecture 'Health and Development: India Must Bridge the Disconnect' was ...

Title: Bollywood Boom; Author: Roopa Swaminathan; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 221


Title: Defeat is an Orphan: How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War; Author: Myra Macdonald; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 328; Price: Rs 599


  The story of Afghanistan -- of the war against the Soviets and of terrorism that has gripped the landlocked country ever since -- is in many ways also the story of diplomat Masood Khalili, who motivated his people and led them...


Title: The Golden Legend; Author: Nadeem Aslam; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 376; Price: Rs 599


Over the Years, a collection of 106 short articles, offers us interesting sidelights on the currents and cross- currents in the public life of India during two distinctive periods: (I) 1987 to 1991 and (II ) 2010 to the present.

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