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Since the Panama Papers, an avalanche of comments, reports and statements has expressed righteous indignation, outraged innocence and demands for proof, inquiry, and investigation and demands that the immediate focus should concentrate on the prime minister and his family, etc.


The Panama Papers revelations have sent shock waves around the world and while there seems to be no political risk to anyone in India, in neighbouring Pakistan, political parties and judges alike are getting the heebie-jeebies.

Instead of splitting hairs over fine details of the Line of Actual Control or blocked UN sanctions against Pakistan-sponsored terrorists, India, in its discussions with the leadership in Beijing, should focus on understanding the large-scale military reforms underway in China  
Marking the beginning of the infamous ‘spring offensive’ of the Afghan Taliban, which in its 2016 edition has been termed as 'Operation Omari', a massive vehicle-borne IED explosion ripped through the heart of Kabul yesterday, followed by stray gun fires, writes Chayanika Saxena for South Asia Monitor.   

US-India defence ties have taken another small step towards consolidation with the visit of US secretary of defence Ashton Carter to India this week. The two countries finally managed to agree “in principle” on a logistics agreement, and it could now be finalized in weeks. It is expected to help the two militaries coordinate better, including in exercises, and also allow the US to more easily sell fuel or provide spare parts to the Indians.

The situation as it stands is far from being clear. However, the observations made by the High Commissioner cannot be taken lightly but, in the absence of an official word from the government of Pakistan, the fate of the on-and-off peace talks remain clouded and uncertain - just like everything else concerning ties between the two perennial political rivals, writes Chayanika Saxena for South Asia Monitor. 
The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project has suffered for long years. Although Pakistan claims that everything is going well on this front and often chides India for delaying and not cooperating on the project, there is a hint that everything is not healthy and fine between Pakistan and Iran, writes Mahendra Ved for South Asia Monitor. 

Set within the larger geo-political context of South Asia, terrorism and violent manifestation of extremism have increased in intensity and occurrence, more so as attempts are being made to clamp down on elements of instability that are spread across the region. Challenges are being mounted on governments across South Asia through discriminate and indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population of the region, writes Chayanika Saxena for South Asia Monitor


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is in Islamabad today (March 25) on a two-day state visit. The visit is seen as a step towards improving relations and strengthening economic links after the lifting of sanctions on Iran following its nuclear deal with the West, writes Monish Gulati for South Asia Monitor.


The attack on Brussels puts the spotlight on radicalization of second and third generation immigrants in Europe, issues surrounding their integration within the local communities and the short time span of their radicalization from a disenchanted citizen to a jihadist. Its fine handling, on the other hand, has a lot to offer to India in terms of how the country ought to prepare itself to deal with such grave and frightening occurrences, writes Monish Gulati for South Asia Monitor.


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spotlight image A career diplomat, Chitranganee Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, is the first woman to be the island nation’s envoy to India. As Foreign Secretary, she was Sri Lanka’s top diplomat for 18 months before being posted to New Delhi.
Israel has announced the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the Jewish state since New Delhi established diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv in 1992. The visit will take place July 4-6. 
These are depressing times. For quite some time I have been watching with utter dismay the Secular India which Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Maulana Husain Ahmed Madani, Abdul Ghaffar Khan and others fought for being systematically undermined by ultra-Hindu nationalists. The obsession with Mother Cow has
With weird concoction like "Beer Yoga" getting popular as the next big international fitness craze, the ancient art of inner blossoming is seemingly going topsy-turvy. And as yoga hogs the limelight on its third International Day, the loud call for saving the spirit of the ancient and modern practice can't be swept under
“We cannot allow the state brutality to which we are subjected each day snatch our humanity and values,” the Mirwaiz said, asking: “What will be the difference between them and us then?”
The standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in the Sikkim section of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the two countries has led to a suspension of the Kailash Mansarovar yatra via the new Nathu La route.
The city of Marawi in the south of the Philippines has been engulfed by a deadly, ongoing siege since late May, when government forces began to take on heavily armed militants linked to the Islamic State. Local media estimate the death toll to be above 300. Over 200,000 residents have fled what has effectively become an urban battlefie
The Iraqi city of Mosul this week celebrates its first Eid free of the oppressive rule of the self-styled Islamic State (IS) in three years.
President Donald J. Trump hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India at the White House on June 26 for an official visit to Washington, D.C.

Title: Reporting Pakistan; Author: Meena Menon; Publisher: Viking/Penguin Random House; Pages: 340; Price: Rs 599


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Jim Corbett was a British-Indian hunter and tracker-turned-conservationist, author and naturalist; who started off as an officer in the British army and attained the rank of a colonel. Frequently called in to kill man-eating tigers or leopards,...


Title: Bollywood Boom; Author: Roopa Swaminathan; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 221

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