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It is about time we call the treatment of the blind like it is — institutionalised degradation of blind Pakistanis on a daily basis — yes, it happens. Though the blind have to face discrimination in almost all spheres of life, they have to face institutionalised degradation in educational institutions, banks and at the job market. 


Now that a couple of hundred containers have been loaded onto two vessels at Gwadar port and dispatched to various destinations around the world, can we say that CPEC is up and running? The short answer is no. The long answer is not yet.


We know that few efforts are underway in Pakistan in promoting scientific research and entrepreneurship but we can’t find the commitment from the top political echelons. Our situation is somewhat closer to the dark age of Europe about which Peter Frankopan has written in his book, The Silk Roads; “when the Muslim world took delight in innovation, progress and new ideas… St Augustine had been positively hostile to the concept of investigation and research. ‘Men want to know for the sake of knowing’… curiosity in his words, was nothing more than a disease”.


And yet that too may be a result of our history — when the governor’s influence could change the country whole. In a past life, when there were no chief ministers, and Ishrat-ul-Ebad had yet to start studying at Dow Medical College, a 32-year-old found himself in the Punjab cabinet.


The regulatory bodies of the judiciary (ie Supreme Judicial Council) need to play an effective role in ensuring the rule of law through an efficient judicial system. At the same time, the government must provide adequate resources to the judiciary for improving the civil and criminal justice system. The executive branch of the government and civil society should support the judiciary in upholding the universal principles mentioned in the beginning.


Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections has momentarily shifted attention away from a case of fundamental import being heard in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


Democracy as a model of governance is so intricate that every age and territory has defined and discovered new connotations to its application, and thus the evolution in its theory and practice has extended from one century to the next.


The current status quo is a result of political inaction and lack of funding for PCRWR to conduct water preservation studies. Unfortunately, if the threat of acute water shortage is prolonged any further it would grow to rival and surpass homegrown militancy in its potential to cause harm.


Unless the issues raised above are addressed, women in this land of the pure would continue to be lynched in the garb of honour and get sexually assaulted while their perpetrators would either escape punishment by pardoning themselves or get acquitted by reason of loopholes in existing criminal justice system.


Ever since almost 17 per cent of seats in Pakistan’s directly elected legislatures were reserved for women, a pattern has emerged of women legislators performing better than their male counterparts in the national parliament and the provincial legislatures over the last 13 years.


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