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Recent developments in the North and East have raised concerns on the one hand of a purported LTTE revival and on the other about the continued use of the PTA to arrest Tamil citizens and of the modalities of the arrests being reminiscent of the Rajapaksa era.  Some 23 Tamil civilians have been arrested in connection with the discovery of explosives and the suicide jacket in Chavakachcheri.



The Sri Lankan media has been urged to work in the interest of the public as World Press Freedom Day is celebrated today.


As the entire country is aware, the public transport sector has gone from bad to worse over the past decade or so. Currently we have approximately 20,000 private buses and approximately 5,500 SLCTB buses plying on the roads.


Sri Lanka reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund for $1.5 billion in loans to help lower its borrowing costs and bolster finances, Bloomberg reported.


With some terrorist groups and even countries resorting to the barbarism of chemical warfare and the world facing its biggest threat, we today mark the day on which the conference of State parties decided on November 11, 2005, that a Memorial Day of Remembrance for Victims of Chemical Warfare be observed on April 29 each year.


As we prepare for what is perhaps the most party politicised May Day in recent decades, it is significant that today is the World Day for safety and health at work.


The Sri Lankan government plans to activate a stable legal mechanism towards the creation of a safe environment, free from violence for women and girls in Sri Lanka and the government will name a special ministerial subcommittee to ensure the efficient working of such a legal framework, the Prime Minister's office said in a statement Monday.


The Northern Provincial Council led by Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran has again opened a Pandora’s Box by adopting a resolution in the form of a set of proposals to be submitted to the Government to be incorporated in the proposed new Constitution.


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for creating a liberal culture in our universities. A noble goal, indeed.  Still better if he advocates a liberal society at large in this country. 


The “Good Governance” Government of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe  has embarked upon a historic exercise to enact a new Constitution for Sri Lanka. 


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