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Talking tough in the wake of attack on army camp in Nagrota, India today made it clear that talks with Pakistan cannot take place in an atmosphere of "continued terror", which it will never accept as "new normal" in the bilateral relationship.  
The United States on Wednesday described India’s demonetisation drive as an “important and necessary” step to curb illicit cash and actions. “…this was, we believe, an important and necessary step to crack down on illegal actions,” Mark Toner, State Department spokesperson, said in response to a question.  

US President-elect Donald Trump and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday discussed how their countries can develop "a strong working relationship", according to Trump's transition team.


20 big global firms are undertaking a technical evaluation for the same, says Director General of BSF K K Sharma.


This is the first deal for artillery guns since the Bofors scandal in 1980s.


Trump made these remarks as Pakistan PM Sharif called him to congratulate on his recent victory.

Terror returned to Jammu and Kashmir today when a group of heavily armed terrorists stormed into an Army unit at Nagrota and killed two Army officers and five soldiers.  
The Kalyan-based family of Aman Tandel — who was part of a group of four youths who went to Iraq in May 2014 to fight for transnational terror outfit Islamic State — said on Monday that they had received a call on Saturday night, from what appeared to be a satellite phone, informing them about his death in an “accident”.  
Call it the Narendra Modi effect and the Indian Prime Minister’s effort to promote yoga at the international level. Communist Russia’s military has decided to go in for India’s traditional yogic exercises and the ancient art of ayurveda to cure the ill and heal the injured. These two disciplines are among a host of Oriental disciples, including medicinal systems of the Tibetan, Uighur, Buryat and Yakut.  
The Army today said Pakistan had a “direct role” in the mutilation of a soldier’s body along the Line of Control in Machhil sector of Kupwara district on November 22.  

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In direct and indirect attacks on Pakistan for its purported role in providing sanctuary to terrorists and their dreaded networks, the Heart of Asia conference concluded in India with a resounding demand for 'strong actions' against terrorism.
Now Pakistan wants an open war with India to which India must respond with full might so that New Delhi may convincingly defeat Islamabad and the coming decades may usher in peace and prosperity for both the neighbours, writes Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi .
Of all the nominations that the US president-elect Donald Trump has announced for his potential cabinet, none has received as broad acclaim—nationally and globally —as his decision to appoint Nikki Haley, the first female governor of South Carolina and the daughter of Sikh immigrants, to the cabinet-rank position of US amba
US President Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia, such as it was, is an endangered species in the Trump era. Looking back, was it in essence more rhetoric than a policy to be implemented? Leaders of South-east Asia, East Asia and further afield are asking themselves this question.a
The Heart Of Asia conference in Amritsar called for immediate elimination of terrorism to help the war-ravaged country in its political and economic transition. Access the full text here...
The traditional ties between India and the United Arab Emirates have,  over the decades grown, riding on the strength of trade and investments. The Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will be the chief guest for the 2017 Republic Day
India had not sought the 1971 War. It was a conflict that was imposed on India by Pakistan and its bumbling generals. In the end, it became — and, remains — the perfect example of  statecraft, with a national leadership displaying the requisite  competence and self-assurance, optimally mobilising the nation’

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