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The Haqqani group was represented in the Murree talks. But it is not clear if and how the group can influence the overall peace process and make commitments on behalf of the Afghan Taliban. While keeping them on board in the larger process, a parallel prudent course could be to engage the Haqqanis in separate, direct talks.


Politics often makes strange bedfellows, more so in a nascent and messy democracy like Afghanistan, where warlords continue to wield enormous power. The recent alliance between Balkh Governor Atta Mohammad Noor and First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum to combat the Afghan Taliban in the embattled north is a case in point.


The Taliban need to resume their peace dialogue with the Kabul administration, while the dissenting elements in the unity government must support the peace process wholeheartedly


Last week’s coordinated attack on the Afghan parliament, meticulously timed to coincide with def­ence minister-designate Masoom Stanikzai’s appear­ance before lawmakers for a vote of confidence, was a moment of mortification for the unity government.


It is in both India and Afghanistan’s interest to let regional security become a matter of strategic partnership


A realignment of loyalties of militants is afoot. Kabul and the region must not be complacent.


Historically different cultures have laid the foundations of civilization in different periods in different areas. The concept of the city-state and then the modern state has been taken from the early Sumerian geopolitical civilization and culture, where they contributed a lot through time, and made it a role model for later nations and civilizations.


Has a shared religion helped Afghanistan in its dealings with the Muslim world?


What happens in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan — this must be the foundational idea of Pakistan’s policy towards this unfortunate country that has gone through three cycles of war, spanning over a period of about 37 years.


As the fighting season in Afghanistan opened, the hopes generated during the early months of the Ashraf Ghani-led unity government have visibly dissipated. The Afghan Taliban have launched a series of attacks across Afghanistan and in Kabul, inflicting heavy casualties on ill-prepared Afghan security forces. The (remaining) US-Nato forces have had to resume a combat role.


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The sixth ministerial conference of Heart of Asia (HoA) - Istanbul Process is all set to begin in Amritsar from today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani besides representatives from various countries would participate in the conference.
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