Don't expect too much from Modi-Xi meeting

While dramatic decisions cannot be ruled out, given the fact that Modi especially needs to take back some tangibles from a much-hyped summit as he approaches crucial national elections, there is also the danger of raising undue expectations, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor

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The Threat of High Inflation and Rising Prices

The economy of Afghanistan remains extremely vulnerable to a surge in inflation rates. Inflation, manifested in the increase in prices of goods, commodities and essentials services, is one of the most important causes of destruction of people's purchasing power and decrease in the standard of living of people. In the context of Afghanistan, a high rate of inflation means people in general would lose much of their ability to buy and consume the commodities and services that they desperately need to maintain their already meager livelihoods. By  Mehdi Rezaie

The Hina factor in India-Pakistan talks

Amid  cynicism in Pakistan's predominantly patriarchal establishment, President Asif Ali Zardari justified her appointment, saying it would "send positive signals about the soft image of Pakistan". Ms Khar has become Pakistan's 26th foreign minister at a time when her country is suffering perhaps the worst image crisis and is being repeatedly singled out as a patron for terrorists and jihadists. By Manish Chand

US-Pakistan equations

Whether it wants to stay in Afghanistan or leave, the U.S needs the Pakistan army's support.

What Bin Laden's wives could tell

The night-time swoop on Osama Bin Laden's hide-out in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad on 2 May has left a tangled web of complications and questions.

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India is paying a price for losing its grasslands

Wiry shrubs and clumps of brown-green fill the semi-arid landscape of Kutch in western India. Many of these patches have, over the years, made way for "more productive" agricultural land. This greening of "wasteland" is, however, degrading a precious and largely ignored ecosystem -- the grasslands. And, as a result,


IMF expects India's role in Indo-Pacific region to expand

The International Monetary Fund expects India's role in the Indo-Pacific region's development to continue to expand because of its robust growth, but it has to carry out more trade refor...