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The various pieces of legislation the government is contemplating give lie to its claims of being anti-corruption and pro-poor.


The social sciences and humanities will be critical in helping us understand what the sciences will become in the future


A Geographical Indication or GI is India’s strength. Practically everything we grow or make is linked to a region. This right has to be strengthened and protected


Housing for all can be achieved with dramatic ease by merely making slum land legally available to tenants and providing the infrastructure. But it needs political vision and will.


Recently, on the suggestion of the eminent lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court allowed me to lead arguments on the effective steps to be taken to bring back black money, or undisclosed illegally held funds, estimated at Rs.120 lakh crore, stashed secretly abroad by Indians in numbered bank accounts.

A new architecture of social power and control is getting built with its core in the U.S. India should work through the BRICS group to develop an alternative to this Internet hegemony  

It might be useful to begin by quickly summarising the business case for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).


On June 1, Indian Nobel Peace Laureate and child rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi sat down for an exclusive interview with Mahfuz Anam, Editor of The Daily Star. Kailash Satyarthi talked about everything from how he gave up his career as an electrical engineer and became a child rights activist, to how to treat the deprived children as our own.


Water tribunals were set up as alternatives to long-drawn courtroom litigation. If they are today mired in delay themselves, we have to question the procedure and not just the arrangement


Almost three decades ago, following many other countries, Bangladesh took the decision to break the state owned monopoly in the telecom sector. The objective was to benefit from market forces to accelerate telecom penetration, which was hovering at around one percent.


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spotlight image Relations between India and Peru  are united by El Niño and the monsoon yet separated by vast distances across oceans.  Jorge Castaneda, Ambassador of Peru to India, talks to INDIA REVIEW & ANALYSIS exclusively about what is bringing the two geographically-apart countries closer.
Indian judge Dalveer Bhandari was re-elected to the International Court of Justice on Monday as the UN General Assembly rallied behind him in a show of force that made Britain  bow to the majority and withdraw its candidate.
Those with a resolve make a big difference to the society. They inspire others to make the best out of a bad situation, steer out of morass with fortitude. Insha Mushtaq, the teenage girl who was pelleted to complete blindness during 2016 emerged as a classic example of courage.
Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Sunday said India and China have "great potential" and they could work together at a "practical level".
This week a major United Nations gathering on climate change gets underway in Bonn, Germany.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to build India's global appeal for investors seem to have finally yielded returns in terms of the country's performance in the World Bank&rsquo...


Title: The People Next Door -The Curious History of India-Pakistan Relations; Author: T.C.A. Raghavan; Publisher: HarperCollins ; Pages: 361; Price: Rs 699


Could the North Korean nuclear issue which is giving the world an anxious time due to presence of hotheads on each side, the invasion of Iraq and its toxic fallout, and above all, the arms race in the teeming but impoverished South Asian subcon...


Title: A Bonsai Tree; Author: Narendra Luther; Publisher: Niyogi Books; Pages: 227 Many books have been written on India's partition but here is a firsthand account of the horror by a migrant from what is now Pakistan, who ...


As talk of war and violence -- all that Mahatma Gandhi stood against -- gains prominence across the world, a Gandhian scholar has urged that the teachings of the apostle of non-violence be taken to the classroom.


Interview with Hudson Institute’s Aparna Pande, whose book From Chanakya to Modi: Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy, was released on June 17.