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Bangladesh is actively considering the Indian business community's plea to allow investment in its exclusive economic zones, the country's commerce minister Golam Mohammad Kader said Friday.


Himalayan Climate Initiative, jointly with Confederation of Nepalese Industries, National Planning Commission and UNDP held an interaction titled ‘Green Economy Development Dialogue’ to create awareness on green employment creation.


Bhutan is a small country with less than a million people. On the road to development, multi-faceted socio-economic developmental activities are in full swing in progressive succession.


Violent breakdowns of law and order, like the one Friday over the anti-Islam film protest, "do not project a very positive image of Pakistan to the foreign investor" and impact the economy, said a leading daily.


The sight of Bangladeshi trucks laden with cement, stones, plastic and other items entering Tripura through the Akhaura border near here presents a picture of contrast in the backdrop of border fencing. For, it reflects on how India wants to restrict illegal crossings from the neighbouring country, but desires healthy trade with it.


India is making all out efforts to get a toehold in most oil and gas exploration blocks on borders with neighbours such as Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


Afghanistan is looking to establish itself as responsible developing nation in the post-2014 period, after the “drawdown” of NATO forces from the country is completed. Getting its economy and development programmes on track is a step in that direction writes Monish Gulati


India and Pakistan have an opportunity to build relationships in areas such as trade, commerce, etc, which will hopefully dilute the jingoistic feeling among the people from both states


Pakistan has not kept pace with the growth in global trade as its share has reduced from 0.20 percent in 1990 to 0.18 percent in 2011, while all other regional players have multiplied their share, according to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) statistics.


India’s growth prospects are increasingly uncertain. Economists can diagnose the dynamics behind the slowdown and the prospects for recovery. India is nowhere near economic Armageddon.


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The India-Pakistan diplomatic war-dance and military brinkmanship continues unabated. India on Thursday (October 21) asked a Pakistan High Commission staffer in New Delhi to leave the country for allegedly running an espionage ring that was busted with the arrest of two Indians possessing sensitive defence documents.


The first India-Palestine Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) signifies New Delhi’s commitment towards economic development and well being of Palestine writes Muddassir Quamar for South Asia Monitor

In the past few weeks, the Indus Water Treaty has come under renewed focus by the Indian Government and the media.  The Indian Government decided to suspend  the Indus water commission and increase the utilization of rivers flowing through J&K to maximize India’s share, but no decision has been taken to review ...

Senior ISIS leaders have been forced to accept that they will lose their caliphate in Syria and Iraq and see terrorist attacks in the West as the way forward for jihad, according to foreign fighters who are abandoning the Islamist group as it faces an onslaught in Mosul and an impending attack on Raqqa.

Since my last visit five years ago I have keenly observed India’s political, economic and social transformation, and welcomed the increasingly active role India is playing internationally. I have also witnessed the growing personal ties between New Zealand and India, supported by our diaspora communities and our education, tou...


Address by M.J. Akbar, Minister of State for External Affairs on Regional Integration and Prosperity at Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (October 5, 2016). Read more inside...

Military aid or assistance, is an important tool, that states have always plied to manoeuvre and counter-manoeuvre other sovereign entities and countless disparate factions in the pursuit of international relations. It includes arms transfers, logistical support and even supply of troops.   

Anthony ensured that the equipping of our military came down to 1962 levels, but Parrikar, together with the present government, appears to be hell bent upon denigrating the soldiers and denying them their dues. Taking cover behind ‘mischievous bureaucrats’ can’t work anymore; responsibilities will have to be taken...


The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others of their ilk not only destabilise Pakistan and make it one of the world's most dangerous places but also threaten neighbouring Afghanistan and India -- and even far...


The book, written in the manner of a series of case studies, also points to the lack of a clearly enunciated national security strategy, a defence situational review, a defence strategy and a joint strategy for the armed forces -- all of this h...


The book ‘Pakistan at crossroads: Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures’  is one of the few books in recent years which fixes spotlight on various aspects of Pakistan; the internal flummoxing situation and external forces wh...


In a region which is unexplored as an asset class, performance will be the kingmaker. This book includes the author’s CDCF Portfolio basket for the SAARC asset class, which selects the best fundamental-p...


Sri Lanka has to be the most beautiful country I have ever seen, says John Gimlette, an accomplished travel writer who journeys to the island nation at the end of a long and brutal civil war. Anyone who has se...

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