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How can citizens be involved in this process. A Bengali daily editorial highlights the contentious issue of complaints of corruption and irregularities against police, and the propriety of enquiring organisations that are supposed to look into such allegations for remedial action.

The Attorney General’s criticism of judges on the grounds of inefficiency is inapplicable when there is no mechanism to assess judicial performance in the first place. To place judicial performance beyond scrutiny would be as myopic as liberty without accountability.


The cyber world might be at its peak today but it's not necessary danger-free. There are thieves, robbers, killers, cheats, and thugs in this world. This is where cyber security comes into the picture. Cyber security means keeping the cyber world free from all sorts of incidents that hinder the free and fair use of the internet.


Invest in human capital, promote high-skilled employment


The forces and demands that press against the Indian city daily are formed out of entirely rudimentary considerations. Therefore, the plans for Narendra Modi’s hundred cities and industrial corridors must look in an altogether different direction.


In 15 to 20 years from now, the world will be aiming to send humans into deep space, orbiting Mars, and allowing for astronauts to physically reach an asteroid. This will be achieved through the innovation and development of new technologies which will pave the way for safer and more efficient transportation of humans to deep space and back.


The various pieces of legislation the government is contemplating give lie to its claims of being anti-corruption and pro-poor.


The social sciences and humanities will be critical in helping us understand what the sciences will become in the future


A Geographical Indication or GI is India’s strength. Practically everything we grow or make is linked to a region. This right has to be strengthened and protected


Housing for all can be achieved with dramatic ease by merely making slum land legally available to tenants and providing the infrastructure. But it needs political vision and will.


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Title: Do We Not Bleed?: Reflections of a 21-st Century Pakistani; Author: Mehr Tarar; Publisher: Aleph Book Company; Pages: 240; Price: Rs 599


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