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Thousands of demonstrators have used the hash tag Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie) on the streets of Paris and other European cities to show their solidarity with the fallen cartoonists who were most brutally murdered on January 7 by  Islamic fundamentalists.


Despite its claim of responsibility, there's a lot that isn't publicly known about Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's connection to last week's by Cherif and Said Kouachi in Paris.


Charlie Hebdo will print 3 million copies of a special issue of the satirical magazine, depicting the Prophet Muhammad on the cover, a week after an attack at its headquarters left a third of its journalists dead.

Crafted in extreme secrecy and brokered by Pope Francis, the thaw in US-Cuba relations is a tectonic shift in international relations and quite possibly the boldest initiative of 2014. 

Pakistan was sucked into the US’s anti-terror campaign, trying to strike a balance between maintaining ties with the Taliban leadership in its backyard and, at the same time, cooperating with the US and ending up as a vast base for US operations


While the killing of the French cartoonists must be condemned in unequivocal terms, I find myself hard pressed to hold a placard and declare “Je suis Charlie”. 


Someone wise once said the law is a crucible in which society may burn away irrelevancies and come to grips with the essential elements of an argument.


Am I Charlie? Nobody cares but since you ask, no. Halfway through a novel I was writing many years ago, my protagonist came awake in an akhara in Banaras and the first thing he saw was the picture of a 'hugely muscled ape on the opposite wall'.


Charlie Hebdo and France are mourning the murder of 10 journalists and two police officers as the new year begins. There will, sadly and with certainty, be more as the year unfolds.


Visiting France in 2004 for an arts residency, I was introduced to Tignous, a cartoonist who for me opened the world of Charlie Hebdo.


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spotlight image A career diplomat, Chitranganee Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, is the first woman to be the island nation’s envoy to India. As Foreign Secretary, she was Sri Lanka’s top diplomat for 18 months before being posted to New Delhi.
India has accused the United Nations Security Council and the international community of tending to ignore the terrorists ravaging Afghanistan and their backers while these forces “have stood up against one of the biggest collective military efforts in the world.”
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AS backpedaling goes, it is unconvincing. Indian army chief Gen Bipin Rawat waded deep into controversy last month when he vigorously defended the army’s violent suppression of legitimate dissent in India-held Kashmir.
Sher Bahadur Deuba has been elected Prime Minister of Nepal at an especially fragile time in the life of the 11-year-old Himalayan republic.
The opposition and media in Pakistan have been crucifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for having sat through the US-Arab-Islamic Summit held in Saudi Arabia in the first week of June, without highlighting the grievances of the Pakistani people.
A United States fighter downed a Syrian military aircraft for the first time when it bombed a Syrian rebel faction backed by Washington.

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