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Members of Congress have embarrassed themselves, this time by a joint subcommittee hearing on whether Pakistan is a friend or foe. Framing a congressional hearing in this binary way reflects the sad state of political discourse on Capitol Hill, where complex issues are boiled down to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Members of Congress dress themselves in righteous indignation and confuse leadership with generating headlines.

India accuses Pakistan of training and arming the rebels in the portion it controls and sending them over to the Indian side, a claim its neighbor denies. The nuclear-armed neighbors have fought two of their three wars since independence in 1947 over Kashmir, which they both claim in full but rule in part. The volatile situation in Indian Kashmir dominated the electoral campaign for the legislative assembly elections in Pakistan-ruled Kashmir. Pakistan's most prominent politicians, including Bilawal Bhutto of the Pakistan People's Party, and Imran Khan of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) party, addressed the public rallies in the run up to the vote. They vehemently criticized the Indian government for its handling of the Kashmir dispute and a lack of political freedom in the valley under its administration.

I would not want to bring a child into this world. I fear for the day when I have another life to take care of, when I live in terror for my own — every breathing moment. Some call it paranoia, some deny the growing and developing existence of evil in our society altogether and some choose to straight up attack my views, not realising that these are the exact reasons why I harbour fear in the first place.


The extent to which Pakistan has complied with human rights standards set out in the International Convention of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), will be assessed by a United Nation’s expert committee in Geneva on August 16-17, this year.


Azad Kashmir’s election is on and there has been much argument regarding the wisdom behind Bilawal Bhutto leading the PPP campaign there.

However, protests and letters to the President of the UN Security Council or the Secretaries General of the UN or OIC alone do not constitute a policy. Pakistan’s India policy must have a vision or an ultimate goal to be achieved taking into account the ground realities at regional and global levels and the resources available for its realization.

The ‘PNE gossip’ provided Pakistan with a bargaining chip, which essentially did two things: a) bought time to pursue the nuclear programme, and b) put the US on the defensive about selling India enriched uranium while condemning Pakistan for nuclear ambitions to deal with its ‘India threat’.


Over 15 years in the Afghan war, having spent billions of dollars and losing thousands of lives, the talk in Washington, DC amongst some of the policymakers and think tanks is whether Pakistan is a friend or a foe.


Do a girl born in a poor household in rural Balochistan and a boy born in a rich household in Karachi have the same or even a similar set of opportunities in life? Are their chances of acquiring an education similar? Do they have access to comparable healthcare services and facilities? Do they have equal opportunities for access to physical infrastructure and the freedom of movement and association?


A new phenomenon has me rather troubled: bored youngsters embracing extremist ideologies who end up perpetrating heinous crimes. The path to radicalisation of these youngsters is not understood, hence the puzzlement and astonishment when we hear of such incidents.


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