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The Foreign Office recently turned to a professional lobbyist to boost Pakistan’s stock in Washington. It won’t work. At least not until the US and Pakistan can work out how to keep relations going despite divergences on virtually every issue they care about.


The Lyari and Malir development authorities and the reincarnated KDA also develop land for similar purposes. Karachi Port Trust and Port Qasim Authority manage ports and develop and manage lands in their respective territories. Pakistan Railways and Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate develop lands for operational and general urban purposes.


Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat poses as a non-political organisation and thereby avails many privileges from the state and a permissive handling by authorities. While it manages to evade governmental scrutiny, even earning its sympathies in certain cases, the religious exclusivity of AMTKN can cause much problem in the fragmented society of Pakistan, which has numerous reasons to persecute the 'other' already, writes Sanchita Bhattacharya for South Asia Monitor.


How does Pakistan fare? Trailing at 153 out of the 163 states ranked, it has all the negative traits the report warns us against. This is not surprising for we figure equally poorly in all other indices.


The Chief Minister of the Central Province has stated that Hindu and Muslim encroachment as well as Christianization have to end. Right now. The Chief Minister of the Western Province, not to be outdone, has echoed the same sentiments. Rev. Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thera, pointing out that a) the archaeological record clearly indicates that the Northern and Eastern Provinces (along with the North Central and Uva) was the heartland of the island’s Buddhist heritage, and b) claims about such remains indicating a thriving ‘Tamil Buddhism’ are not substantiated even in the highly contentious and mythical narratives in recent Tamil literature, not to mention the strange lack of any significant Tamil treatise on Buddhist philosophy, has called for the immediate end to ‘Hindu Occupation’ of ‘Sinhala lands’.   


Without any doubt on the integrity and commitment of the Pakistan army, I must say that politicians should stop using army-ladder to reach the corridors of power and should rely on their own political strength, letting the military focus on internal and external challenges being faced by the country. 


A big worry holding back a conclusive action against all these, it seems, is the worry of a possible civil war within Pakistan itself, led and fueled by all Al-Qaeda-inspired groups in the region. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are screaming examples of unintended consequences of a military onslaught.


But even almost 50 years after the fall from grace of this theory, similar ideas continue to enthral popular imagination. Thus, one hears ad nauseam in social events that the primary reason Pakistan does not develop is that Pakistanis are lazy, dishonest, disunited etc.

The Uri attack’s aftermath showcased Indian media and public discourse outlets winning the subcontinent’s battle for inanity and disinformation. From rushing to conclusions, to hard-nosed jingoism, to actually making up stories about counter-raids and retaliatory operations, they’ve passed anything their Pakistani counterparts could offer with consummate ease.  

The PTI’s planned siege of Raiwind marks the return of conflict to the area where the battle raged at its most intense in May 2013. It was Lahore which the PML-N was so jealous about. The Sharif camp was extremely anxious to not lose ‘their’ city to the new challenger and as a measure of their eagerness to secure Lahore it was no coincidence that so many of the election-rigging allegations then had their origins here.


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