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One ventures to comment on a sub judice case not without a little bit of trepidation, more so when it relates to a very sensitive and important case like that of the grenade attack on the then leader of the opposition and the current PM, Sheikh Hasina, on August 21, 2004.


Regrettably, the PM’s press wing has been ineffective in linking and communicating with the public and the media, and that is because of its inefficiency, ineptitude and bloated makeup. 


Bangladesh continues to be in the grip of perennial political instability and uncertainty due to failure to achieve understanding on a durable basis on holding free and fair elections, and total absence of dialogue between the government and the opposition, a feature of our democracy which is hard to find in democracy anywhere else. Democracy itself means a government by discussion.


A team of Bangladeshi scientists has successfully decoded the genome sequence of a local variety of jute plant, opening up a new vista in the development of the golden fibre.


Dan W Mozena, US ambassador to Bangladesh, speaks at a discussion — Recognition of NRBs and Supportive Organisations in Bangladesh — organised by the Centre for Non-Resident Bangladeshis at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka on August 17.


The ruling Awami League is considering several alternatives in case the main opposition BNP boycotts the next parliamentary polls if held under an interim government headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


Prospects for an amicable solution to the stalemate over polls-time government remain dim, as the ruling Awami League yesterday once again ruled out a return to the caretaker system and the opposition BNP stuck to its demand for a non-partisan administration to hold the polls.


There is an on going war of attrition in the political arena in Bangladesh whose outcome is both unforeseen and unquantifiable. It is our misfortunate that we have had to endure the harmful consequences of political attritions since the very start of the new dawn of democracy in 1991.

De-registration of the Jamaat-e-Islami marks a critical turn in Bangladesh's struggle for identity. The de-registration of the Jamaat-e-Islami as a political party by the Bangladesh judiciary last Thursday certainly brings a new dimension into the prevailing conditions in the country. With its senior leaders on trial for war crimes committed during Bangladesh's war of liberation against Pakistan in 1971 (some of them have already been sentenced to death, with one handed down a life sentence) and others on whom judgment will likely be pronounced soon, the Jamaat is in clear trouble. And that, despite the mayhem its activists have, over these past many months, often resorted to in Dhaka and elsewhere every time one of their leaders has been sentenced.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a politician in possession of absolute power hardly recognises legitimacy in alternative points of view. As long as AL sticks to the “no caretaker government” mantra a deal is impossible. Their disagreement is not with their political opponents only, but also with the overwhelming opinion of people in our country.


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