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Nepal new government on Thursday decided to reappoint Deep Kumar Upadhyay to New Delhi as the ambassador. Upadhyay, who was serving as Nepal’s ambassador to India since April 2015, was suddenly recalled by the erstwhile KP Sharma Oli-led government in May.

At long last, nine years after the peace process began in the country, the two commissions Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons  were set up whereas under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, they were to be established within six months.  

Although belatedly the Parliament has endorsed the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Bill which would benefit the nation by attracting both private and foreign investment, particularly in export-oriented industries.


For long, the game of toppling and forming governments has dominated the national political arena and has badly hampered Nepal’s development and economic growth. Moreover, there is deep conflict of interest on investigating cases relating to war-era excesses, and it remains to be seen whether Nepal is able to reconcile the demands of political stability and continuity, on the one hand, and deliver justice for war era crimes, on the other, writes S. Binodkumar Singh for South Asia Monitor.


The number of road accidents and the numbers of the dead and the injured in the past one month alone are enough to appall anybody.The causes of the accidents have included driver’s negligence or recklessness, road condition, overloading of vehicles, etc.


Pushpa Kamal Dahal managed to give shape to his cabinet on Friday, almost a month after he took over as prime minister. However, the intra-party tussle in the Nepali Congress (NC), the largest party in the ruling coalition, over the choice of ministers is a sign of the troubles that lie ahead.


Last year, as the draft Constitution was being finalised, the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) said that the proposed reference to press freedom was insufficient and that there should be a guarantee of ‘complete press freedom’.


Usually, third-generation entrepreneurs from established business families are born with the silver spoon, which makes their startup journey much more conflict-free than those bootstrapping their ideas to reality. While Binod Chaudhary’s comfortable middle-class upbringing can in no way qualify his story as one of those imagination-firing rags-to-riches one, neither can it be grouped in the former privileged category. Nepal’s first, and only billionaire, Binod is a self made man through and through.


On Sunday evening, the Nepal Electricity Authority cut off power supply to Mahendra Manzil, a bungalow within the Narayanhity Palace complex in Kathmandu, which is the residence of Ratna Rajya Lakshmi Shah, the former Queen Mother of Nepal.

At one time Nepal was exporting garments worth Rs. 12 billion every year and providing jobs to as many as 500,000. Then it was able to garner investment amounting to six billion rupees. However, now over 85 per cent of the garment factories have stopped operating. So far garments worth Rs. 4.2 billion has been exported in the 11 months of the fiscal 2015-16.  

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