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Historical artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age (3500 to 1200 BC) that were stolen from Afghanistan and smuggled to Britain have been returned by the British armed forces, it was announced Thursday.


Lahore-born artiste Shyama now lives a reclusive life in Mumbai, but in her heyday, she was a much sought after artiste. She played the lead role in many films, notably Aar Paar (1954), but her forte was as a supportive actress in which she excelled in many great films.


First-time director Noman Robin accidentally walked into a shockingly violent scene that propelled him into the movie making spotlight in his native Bangladesh — and around the world. Robin was at a mall as a hijra or transgender female was thrown first out of the men’s room and then the ladies’ room. As customers began screaming, security guards dragged her to the street and began beating her.


Although Pakistan is a Muslim country, it shares a cultural and historical heritage with predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka. For years, Colombo-native Ariyawathi knew of Pakistan only as a Muslim state of little significance to Buddhists. But that was before she visited the new international Buddhist museum at Sri Dalada Maligawa, a sacred temple in Kandy.


If we part this time, we may come across each other in dreams like dried-up flower petals falling out of books. Some of the best and oft-quoted ghazals that Mehdi Hasan sang were written by the late Ahmad Faraz


The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature announced the jury for its 2013 edition. The five-member panel includes Eleanor O'Keeffe, K Satchidanandan, Muneeza Shamsie, Rick Simonson and Suvani Singh.


Heritage? Who cares! That was the sarcastic comment of a Pakistani daily after a massive hoard of ancient statues and coins were found in a container. "As if it were not bad enough that the Taliban and other religious extremists keep attempting to destroy all trace of pre-Islamic culture and statuary, the robbers are making a determined effort as well," said an editorial in the News International.


It would perhaps not be an exaggeration to say that visual artists do not usually write about their oeuvre — and when they do, the reader gets an amazing glimpse into the workings of creative minds. Although apparently not a pleasant man, the photographer, Samuel Bourne, had a facile pen that brought alive his work particularly in the Himalayas.


First it was Geoff Dyer who spun the heady glamour of the Venice Biennale with the magic of the holy temple town of Varanasi into "Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi" in 2009. Now, a native of Chennai, V. Sanjay Kumar, an art connoisseur and collector, has taken the cue to plunge headlong into the whirlwind of the contemporary art world in Mumbai in his debut novel, "Artist, Undone" - being described by critics as India's first post-modern art fiction.

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The rebuilding of Srinagar’s Dastgeer Sahib must see the re-emergence of Kashmiri craft traditions.


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spotlight image Ties between India and Japan are probably at their best ever, Japanese Ambassador to India H.E. Kenji Hiramatsu told India Review & Analysis’ Nilova Roy Chaudhury, as he outlined how the two countries have moved closer. Ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit
Vowing to stop “radical Islamic terrorism,” United States President Donald Trump warned September 19 of strong action against countries that support or finance organisations like the Taliban.
That regional cooperation in South Asia is lower than optimal levels is well accepted. It is usually ascribed to – the asymmetry in size between India and the rest, conflicts and historical political tensions, a trust deficit, limited transport connectivity, and onerous logistics, among many other factors.
Former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan said ‘In order to become a more developed country, India has to get people who owe taxes to actually pay them.’ This is one of the major objectives that Modi sought to achieve though demonetization and he has largely succeeded.
The two-day visit to Kashmir by a Congress team headed by Dr Manmohan Singh team has called for restoration  of the dialogue with the separatists to address the ongoing turmoil in the state.
The Communist Party of China (CPC) is expected to amend its constitution at the upcoming national congress.
Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders has urged Myanmar to grant international humanitarian organisations unrestricted and independent access to the conflict-torn Rakhine state to enable provision of humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people.
In an unprecedented warning delivered at a world forum, United States President Donald Trump on September 19 threatened North Korea with total destruction if his country is forced to defend itself and its allies against the threats from Pyongyang.
It is a privilege to be invited to this most prestigious of law schools in the country, more so for someone not formally lettered in the discipline of law. I thank the Director and the faculty for this honour.

Title: A Bonsai Tree; Author: Narendra Luther; Publisher: Niyogi Books; Pages: 227 Many books have been written on India's partition but here is a firsthand account of the horror by a migrant from what is now Pakistan, who ...


As talk of war and violence -- all that Mahatma Gandhi stood against -- gains prominence across the world, a Gandhian scholar has urged that the teachings of the apostle of non-violence be taken to the classroom.


Interview with Hudson Institute’s Aparna Pande, whose book From Chanakya to Modi: Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy, was released on June 17.


This is the continuing amazing spiritual journey of a Muslim man from Kerala who plunged into Vedic religion after a chance encounter with a Hindu mystic under a jackfruit tree in the backyard of his house when he was just nine. It is a story w...


History is told by the victors but in our modern age, even contemporary events get - or are given - a slant, where some contributors soon get eclipsed from the narrative or their images tarnished.

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