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Senior Brookings Institution fellow Charles Ebinger has said that Pakistan’s poor pricing and lack of incentive for gas development had led to problems in its gas sector, and that Pakistan’s economy was suffering from the lack of power.


The recently ended Fourth South Asia Economic Summit has highlighted the need for political will and firm commitment of governments as vital to the prosperity of the region.


The South Asian experts are asking to boost up regional demand, co-operation and integration to fight the economic crisis looming over the south asia economies. The questions and statements raised by the experts leaves behind the crucial problem of finding out  a  sheild to curb the looming crisis.


Private sector-led growth in South Asian countries can receive a major fillip and unlock the region's vast economic potential provided member-countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) initiate steps like reducing visa restrictions and non-tariff barriers, and improving customs procedures. There are, obviously, many promising areas for effective and fruitful cooperation in private sector in the whole of South Asia.Writes Tareque Ahmed  


Trapped in an unaffordable energy paradigm, Pakistan’s economy has been experiencing crippling power shortages while its government is mired in mounting circular debt generated by this very paradigm.  The mountain of circular debt keeps rising at the rate of one billion rupees per day! If, in order to eliminate circular debt, the government passes on the full cost of this unaffordable power to the people, there will be rioting on the streets. How did the country land in such a deadly trap? Writes Syed Mohibullah Shah  


Showcasing India’s economic growth and clout, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that “a fast-growing India can expand the boundaries of global economy.” Despite a global financial crunch, India is growing at close to 8 per cent, second only to China.


 To ward off poverty and promote growth, South Asia needs to create one million new jobs every month for the next 20 years, the World Bank warned Friday.To meet the target, no easy task on its own, the eight countries in the region would have to accelerate reforms, including ending conflict, controlling corruption, addressing electricity crises and bettering the education level.


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spotlight image Vitaly A. Prima, Ambassador of Belarus to India for close to five years, is very enthusiastic about the future of bilateral relations as the two countries mark 25 years of diplomatic relations. Resident in New Delhi, Prima is also his country’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.
India’s top diplomats held a four-day brainstorming session in New Delhi this month to strategise and decide how India should engage with major global powers and countries in the immediate neighbourhood, writes Nilova Roy Chaudhury
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Is it the Modi magic or Modi cult propelling the BJP to new heights with the opposition pulverised and decimated by the split vote banks of these parties in large parts of India? The BJP has gained five states in the assembly elections but lost Delhi and Bihar, writes Lalit Sethi
I recently received an extraordinary email from a troubled young Kashmiri in Srinagar. Days before the Indian authorities turned off the internet, Saif (not his real name) had watched on YouTube the 45-minute video documentary Crossing the Lines — Kashmir, Pakistan, India that I had helped make in 2004 and mostly agreed with its
The successful conclusion of the Belt and Road Forum (BARF) in Beijing, which India chose to stay away from, has led to a chorus of voices warning that in doing so, India has isolated itself both regionally and globally.
  The resounding victory of President Hassan Rouhani, who had sought re-election on a platform of moderation and engagement with the outside world, is a strong endorsement by the Iranian people for political change.
  The US announced a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday as President Donald Trump visited Riyadh on his maiden foreign tour.

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