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Pakistan continues to remain in denial about the well-calibrated surgical strikes by India, in response to the terror attacks on 18 Indian jawans in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir. Far from addressing the problem of terrorism emanating from Pakistan and affecting regional stability, Islamabad chose to remain quite. What make matters worse are Pakistan’s Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif’s statements about the use of nuclear weapons against India.  
There has been many nationalist calls for boycotting Chinese goods as a retaliation against China for blocking India’s bid at the UN to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a terrorist, following the Uri attacks and the subsequent surgical strikes carried out by the Indian army.   

Intensifying searches is good. But with all this only about 15% of the tax-defaulters have been caught. Therefore the government must address the major sources of black money, writes Sudip Bhattacharyya for South Asia Monitor


The Army needs an equitable and just solution so as to maintain its upper hand to check the constant intrusion of terrorists from across. Winter is approaching.

There is a misplaced notion prevalent in India that China’s slowdown means an opportunity for India. Even chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian, though somewhat circumspect, says: “Cheap oil will help our macro-economic indicators.  

Chinese military assistance and economic aid to Pakistan, even as the United States suspended economic assistance, only served to underline ‘a new friendship', one that has yielded and is poised to reap strategic benefits for both the countries, writes Sanchita Bhattacharya for South Asia Monitor.


The one concession apparently made is that China may make a distinction between the applications by India and Pakistan for admission into NSG. There again, it remains to be seen if China will walk the talk, although India’s stand on not signing the NPT will be a handle China will use.


On the face of it the focus will be on what emerges at the Brics summit later this week when India will continue efforts to have Pakistan shunned by the international community for its continued sponsorship of terrorism and the assistance and support extended to terror groups that have earned global disfavor.

Eradicating poverty from this planet was the top-most goal in a set of 17 such goals adopted by the United Nations last September as part of its Sustainable Development Agenda. Nations across the globe, including India, endorsed it.   

A strategy that will ultimately force the Timurids in Islamabad to give up and change course will depend entirely on how we emerge — as the Athenians in ancient Greece or the Americans in the Second World War.


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spotlight image A career diplomat, Chitranganee Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, is the first woman to be the island nation’s envoy to India. As Foreign Secretary, she was Sri Lanka’s top diplomat for 18 months before being posted to New Delhi.
India has accused the United Nations Security Council and the international community of tending to ignore the terrorists ravaging Afghanistan and their backers while these forces “have stood up against one of the biggest collective military efforts in the world.”
Close Canada-India collaboration in health and wellness is a journey that commenced in 2015 in Toronto, when the first major health summit was held, and ended in March 2017 in New Delhi.
With weird concoction like "Beer Yoga" getting popular as the next big international fitness craze, the ancient art of inner blossoming is seemingly going topsy-turvy. And as yoga hogs the limelight on its third International Day, the loud call for saving the spirit of the ancient and modern practice can't be swept under
The death of deputy superintendent Mohammed Ayub Pandith at the hands of a lynch mob highlights the dangers to the police in Kashmir today, whether from gun-wielding militants or locals disgruntled with the Indian State.
Sher Bahadur Deuba has been elected Prime Minister of Nepal at an especially fragile time in the life of the 11-year-old Himalayan republic.
The rapid rise of Mohammed bin Salman, from one among many princes in the al-Saud royal family to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia within a span of two years, is an unprecedented development in the history of the Kingdom.
A United States fighter downed a Syrian military aircraft for the first time when it bombed a Syrian rebel faction backed by Washington.

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Jim Corbett was a British-Indian hunter and tracker-turned-conservationist, author and naturalist; who started off as an officer in the British army and attained the rank of a colonel. Frequently called in to kill man-eating tigers or leopards,...


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