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Boeing’s decision to manufacture advanced medium combat aircraft, Super Hornet in India, has run into a fresh hurdle with issues over their export.  
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim called Pakistani Finance Minster Ishaq Dar on phone to discuss the Pakistan-India water dispute, an official said on Tuesday.  
The first dialogue between the Governments of India and Egypt on Cyber Is-sues was held in New Delhi on 20-22 December, 2016. The Egyptian delegation was led by Ambassador Hisham Badr, Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Relations and International Security while the Indian delegation was led by National Security Coordinator, Dr. Gulshan Rai. The dialogue was a follow up on the high level meeting between the National Security Advisers of Egypt and India in December 2015 in New Delhi were both the countries agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in the area of Cyber Security.  
Top Foreign Ministry officials from China, Pakistan and Russia will meet in Moscow on Tuesday to review what they perceive as a "gradually growing" threat to their frontiers posed by Islamic State extremists in Afghanistan.  
Pakistan’s Finance Ministry on Monday denied media reports that the government was ready to demonetise Rs5,000 (Dh175) notes.  
Nepal PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been performing a balancing act between India and China, but Kathmandu's proposed first joint military exercise with Beijing early next year has triggered considerable unease in New Delhi.  
In a major leap for India’s defence scientists, the country has moved closer to an exclusive club of countries having abilities to deliver a nuclear warhead at a distance of more than 5,550 km.  
With Sunday marking a year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's much-hyped and sudden but brief visit to Lahore last Christmas to wish Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif on his birthday, the current chill in Indo-Pak ties meant the birthday wishes this time were restricted to only a single tweet from Mr. Modi on Sunday, saying, "Birthday wishes to Pakistan PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif. I pray for his long and healthy life."  
Backed by ships, helicopters and drones, Russian rescue teams searched Sunday for victims after a Russian plane carrying 92 people to Syria crashed into the Black Sea shortly after take off. Investigators said they are looking into every possible cause for the crash, including a terror attack.  
US President-elect Donald Trump said that he will dissolve the Trump Foundation, as part of efforts to untangle himself of conflicts of interest before he is sworn into office on January 20, 2017.  

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China is yet to reciprocate to India’s territorial concerns on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor'
The possibility of a Taliban attack targeting Emirati officials is not going down well with analysts writes Monish Gulati
Since late 2015, cultural and political issues have strained relations between the two countries with anti-Indian sentiment growing amongst the government and people of Nepal, writes Dr. Binodkumar Singh for South Asia Monitor.  
The recent judgment of a seven-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court barring politicians from seeking votes in the name of religion, caste or creed just ahead of crucial Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab is a welcome step in the right direction. The recent judgment of a seven-Judge Bench of the Supreme Cour
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It will also feature glimpses of Indian traditional, folk and tribal art such as Gond, Madhubani and Pattachitra paintings.

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spotlight image It is unfortunate that Taiwan has a neighbor across the Taiwan Strait that wants to annex it, but, even more frustrating, Taiwanese also have to put up with people who echo China’s rhetoric and intended to intimidate Taiwanese into obedience.
Read the transcriipt of UN Secretary-General's End-of-Year Press Conference, held in New York on December 16, here...
spotlight image It is wrong to look only at Israel while fighting rages across the Middle East, writes the former Shin Bet chief.
When is a scam not a scam? The short answer obviously would be, when it is approved by the Government in power. But then, the question arises: Is that necessarily true?  

What will be Pakistan's fate? Acts of commission or omission by itself, in/by neighbours, and superpowers far and near have led the nuclear-armed country at a strategic Asian crossroads to emerge as a serious regional and global concern whi...


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An aching sense of love, loss and yearning permeate this work of fiction which, however, reads like a personal narrative set in an intensely disruptive period of Indian history, and adds to the genre of partition literature, writes Ni...


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