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All said and done, the assistance of the State towards the community must continue. But the policy of reservations must be rationalised. If we have a third-generation beneficiary of reservation policy, it amounts to depriving someone whose forefathers could not avail themselves of it. It is this that Mr Modi can now look at.


Hardly anything that this government has done so far indicates that it is serous about modernising the Indian military or strengthening the country’s defence preparedness. Well, why should it when cheap political dividends can be made by merely massaging the military ego?

Nandan Nilekani has used a fine analogy to compare the new digital payments network in India with its peers in other parts of the world. He told this newspaper that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is like a highway without tolls while countries such as China or the US have walled gardens in which private companies control access to payments networks. Nilekani has touched upon an issue that we had commented on in these columns earlier.  
In the 1980s when Rajiv Gandhi had chosen to attack his opponents by warning that “hum apne virodhiyon ko unki naani yaad dila denge” (we will make our opponents remember their grandmother), his comments sparked off as much mirth as anger: The ill-chosen phrase which was meant to convey the sentiment that we will teach our opponents a lesson was seen to reflect the former prime minister’s discomfort with Hindi.  

The idea of India is very dear to the overwhelming majority of Indians, including to people like me. India is known all over the world as a vibrant democracy, a secular and pluralistic society, a country whose social harmony is born out of its vast diversity.


Aishbagh, a small locality in the backyard of old Lucknow – known for its lush green forest cover and a beautiful lake known as Motijheel – will have the distinction of hosting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the festival of Dussehra at its sprawling Ramlila Maidan on Tuesday.


Faith is extremely important for soldiers. In a profession where life hangs by a thread people tend to repose greater trust in God than almost any other profession. I have witnessed troops being launched into major operations and hours before that a personal temple comes up among stones, brush wood or ice. Families of servicemen have to repose even greater trust in religion and connect with God as the breadwinner’s life is at stake.

The ‘order’ on Ananthamurthy was accompanied by hate mails, hate calls and actual physical intimidation. Other less known, but not less shocked men and women, both Hindu and Muslim, have been similarly directed to seek refuge in Pakistan. Such hectorings occur routinely beyond media coverage or even media interest.  

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and her current advisers are hardly in a position, or possess the necessary intellectual or political acumen, to deal with what is taking place. Delhi, for its part, also does not appear better positioned to appreciate and deal with the kind of seismic shift occurring beneath the surface in Kashmir. Hence, it may be necessary to seek assistance from social scientists and psychologists, apart from strategic thinkers and political leaders, to come up with some fresh ideas on how to retrieve the situation.


Neither Karnataka nor Tamil Nadu, parties to the Cauvery dispute, or the Union government, expected to be neutral, have conducted themselves with glory in the ongoing Cauvery conflict.


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Nepal’s deposed king Gyanendra Shah has regretted that the country has lost its Hindu identity and said despair and unhappiness among the people might lead them to revolt once again. 


The first India-Palestine Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) signifies New Delhi’s commitment towards economic development and well being of Palestine writes Muddassir Quamar for South Asia Monitor

Intensifying searches is good. But with all this only about 15% of the tax-defaulters have been caught. Therefore the government must address the major sources of black money, writes Sudip Bhattacharyya for South Asia Monitor. 

Some years ago Joel Stein wrote a witty and perfectly appropriate column in Time magazine titled ‘My Own Private India’, about a town called Edison in New Jersey. Stein was thoroughly excoriated as racist and anti-Indian by people purporting to represent the Indian community in the United States.  &...

The two big delegations from Russia and Pakistan were led by the Russian Deputy Defence Minister, Anatoly Antonov, and Pakistan’s Chief of General staff (a front-runner to succeed the Army chief, General Raheel Sharif), Lt Gen Zubair Mahmood Hayat


Address by M.J. Akbar, Minister of State for External Affairs on Regional Integration and Prosperity at Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (October 5, 2016). Read more inside...

Iraqi forces are now poised to attack Mosul. The fall of this town over two years ago to a few hundred militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had marked the nadir of Iraqi self-confidence and self-respect.  

On a sunny morning a young shepherd takes his cattle across the lovely winding Namka Chu into the dense pine forests on the ridge above. The cold wind blows in from the north and the boy looks up at the steep mountain ahead of him covered by rhododendrons.


The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others of their ilk not only destabilise Pakistan and make it one of the world's most dangerous places but also threaten neighbouring Afghanistan and India -- and even far...


The book, written in the manner of a series of case studies, also points to the lack of a clearly enunciated national security strategy, a defence situational review, a defence strategy and a joint strategy for the armed forces -- all of this h...


The book ‘Pakistan at crossroads: Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures’  is one of the few books in recent years which fixes spotlight on various aspects of Pakistan; the internal flummoxing situation and external forces wh...


In a region which is unexplored as an asset class, performance will be the kingmaker. This book includes the author’s CDCF Portfolio basket for the SAARC asset class, which selects the best fundamental-p...


Sri Lanka has to be the most beautiful country I have ever seen, says John Gimlette, an accomplished travel writer who journeys to the island nation at the end of a long and brutal civil war. Anyone who has se...

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