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Education institutions need to focus on research and employability

It's April and time to celebrate for millions of young Indians (and South Asians) who have just finished their school-leaving class XII examination. The days that follow help unwind after months of exam preparation. The celebrations, however, are short-lived. The next many weeks and months get consumed preparing for admission tests for entry into a wide variety of disciplines.

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India is paying a price for losing its grasslands

Wiry shrubs and clumps of brown-green fill the semi-arid landscape of Kutch in western India. Many of these patches have, over the years, made way for "more productive" agricultural land. This greening of "wasteland" is, however, degrading a precious and largely ignored ecosystem -- the grasslands. And, as a result,


IMF expects India's role in Indo-Pacific region to expand

The International Monetary Fund expects India's role in the Indo-Pacific region's development to continue to expand because of its robust growth, but it has to carry out more trade refor...