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Tawang: Why we must counter China’s threats

This massive Tawang complex is the last bastion of Tibetan Buddhism that is sought to be overwhelmed and obliterated by Beijing’s Communist overlords. The tall white-washed protective walls of the monastery are unlikely to withstand a Chinese military assault. The only force standing between them and the might of China’s Red Army is the Indian government.

Mar 6, 2017
By Indranil Bannerjee
Perched on a verdant mountainside in western Arunachal Pradesh is the world’s second largest Tibetan monastery of Tawang. This multi-storied Buddhist monastery towers over a vast collection of associated buildings sprawled across an entire mountainside and houses one of the last remaining centres of Tibetan culture.
The Tawang monastery is the biggest Tibetan monastery after Lhasa. At its heart are a library of ancient texts and a main hall housing the sacred 27 feet statue of the Golden Buddha.
The three-storied Parkhang library holds a collection of centuries old scriptures in addition to other priceless manuscripts many of which were rescued from Tibet at a time when its monasteries were being ravaged by the Red Army soldiers.
The Tawang monastery is dedicated to the wrathful deity, Palden Lhamo or Goddess Dri Devi, considered to be the principal protectress of Tibet. Should this monastery fall, then, many Tibetans believe, so will Tibet and the dharma would forever be extinguished.

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