There’s something in the water

Jul 27, 2017
We simply cannot afford to live in such unsanitary conditions
With stagnant rainwater finding its way into underground storage tanks in residential buildings, household water reserves are becoming polluted in many areas of Dhaka.
This is, without a doubt, a cause for serious alarm.
At a time when the capital city already has its hands full trying to combat various outbreaks of disease, we simply cannot afford to live in such unsanitary conditions.
And the blame in this case falls on Wasa, which has consistently failed to maintain a good and clean water supply for the residents of Dhaka, isolated from dirty flood water.
To urge citizens to be “patient” at a time of such dire crisis seems to add insult to injury.
Wasa really needs to step up, and clean up its act.
Dhaka Tribune, July 28, 2017

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