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Bhaskar, Comm. C. Uday (Retd.)
Director, Society for Policy Studies
Bhattacharjee,  Dr. Rupak
Independent  Analyst
Bhattacharya, Sanchita
Research Associate, Institute of Conflict Management
Bhaumik, Subir
Journalist and Strategic Affairs Analyst
Dasgupta, Amb. Amit
Former Ambassador
Gulati, Monish
Senior Fellow, Society for Policy Studies
Krishnamurthy, Rajeshwari
Research Officer, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi
Krishnaswami, Dr Sridhar
Senior Journalist, Head, Departments of Journalism and Mass Communications and International Relations, SRM University, Chennai.
Malik, Preet
Former Ambassador
Moorthy, N. Sathiya
Director, Chennai Chapter, Observer Research Foundation.
Padmaja G.
Independent  Analyst
Saxena, Chayanika
Teaching Fellow, Ashoka University, New Delhi
Shende, Rajendra
Chairman, TERRE Policy Center, Paris and former Director, UNEP.
Singh, BinodKumar
Research Associate, Institute of Conflict Management, New Delhi
Soti, Divya Kumar
Independent National Security and Strategic Affairs Analyst.
Tremblay, Reeta
Professor, University of Victoria
Ved, Mahendra
Columnist and Analyst.
Verma, Jai Kumar
Strategic Analyst, formerly with Cabinet Secretariat, Delhi
Nepal’s deposed king Gyanendra Shah has regretted that the country has lost its Hindu identity and said despair and unhappiness among the people might lead them to revolt once again. 


The first India-Palestine Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) signifies New Delhi’s commitment towards economic development and well being of Palestine writes Muddassir Quamar for South Asia Monitor

Pakistan continues to remain in denial about the well-calibrated surgical strikes by India, in response to the terror attacks on 18 Indian jawans in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir. Far from addressing the problem of terrorism emanating from Pakistan and affecting regional stability, Islamabad chose to remain quite. What make matters wor...

If we hadn't jumped into a parallel political universe in the last 18 months or so, the idea of Donald Trump winning the Republication presidential nomination would be bizarre enough.   

Since my last visit five years ago I have keenly observed India’s political, economic and social transformation, and welcomed the increasingly active role India is playing internationally. I have also witnessed the growing personal ties between New Zealand and India, supported by our diaspora communities and our education, tou...


Address by M.J. Akbar, Minister of State for External Affairs on Regional Integration and Prosperity at Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (October 5, 2016). Read more inside...

Military aid or assistance, is an important tool, that states have always plied to manoeuvre and counter-manoeuvre other sovereign entities and countless disparate factions in the pursuit of international relations. It includes arms transfers, logistical support and even supply of troops.   

The fallout of the trans-border raids in an active “hot peace” environment between India and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir is always unpredictable, because there are just too many imponderables. The “surgical strike” by hunter-killer teams of the special forces of the Indian Army on fidayeen bases across th...


The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others of their ilk not only destabilise Pakistan and make it one of the world's most dangerous places but also threaten neighbouring Afghanistan and India -- and even far...


The book, written in the manner of a series of case studies, also points to the lack of a clearly enunciated national security strategy, a defence situational review, a defence strategy and a joint strategy for the armed forces -- all of this h...


The book ‘Pakistan at crossroads: Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures’  is one of the few books in recent years which fixes spotlight on various aspects of Pakistan; the internal flummoxing situation and external forces wh...


In a region which is unexplored as an asset class, performance will be the kingmaker. This book includes the author’s CDCF Portfolio basket for the SAARC asset class, which selects the best fundamental-p...


Sri Lanka has to be the most beautiful country I have ever seen, says John Gimlette, an accomplished travel writer who journeys to the island nation at the end of a long and brutal civil war. Anyone who has se...

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