Mohammad Kepayet

Mohammad Kepayet

About Mohammad Kepayet

The writer is a journalist and South Asian geopolitical analyst.

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Bangladesh's controversial digital security act: A weapon to silence independent media?

Using the controversial Act as a tool the Bangladesh government has tried to keep surveillance on journalists, and also to repress and muffle the independent voices in social media and traditional mass media, writes Mohammad Kepayet for South Asia Monitor

Double whammy puts Bangladesh media in deep crisis

The media and newspaper industry in Bangladesh face two major challenges: First, economical challenges, and second, the repression by the government that has stifled the freedom of expression and has made various attempts to silence critical coverage, writes Mohammad Kepayet for South Asia Monitor

Ershad's first death anniversary: Despotism still survives in Bangladesh

Ershad may have gone, but his shadow can still be seen in the political theatre of Bangladesh, writes Mohammad Kepayet for South Asia Monitor

Rulers are using pandemic to amass more power; Bangladesh is an example

If you think rulers are now using the pandemic to grab more power then you won’t be wholly wrong. Around the world, the pandemic is being used by the ruling elite as a chance to grab more and more power

Job loss, hunger stalk South Asia in COVID-19 times

South Asia is home to over 1.8 billion people and houses half of the world’s impoverished communities, writes Mohammad Kepayet for South Asia Monitor

Bangladesh lowest in press freedom rankings in South Asia

Bangladesh ranked the worst position in any country in South Asia. Even it’s worse than war-ravaged Afghanistan, which has been placed at 122, Pakistan (145), India (142), Sri Lanka (127), Nepal 112, Bhutan (67), and Maldives (79), writes Mohammad Kepayet for South Asia Monitor

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