Times of terror

Mar 20, 2017
The word “jongi” is now a part of our everyday vocabulary. Post Holey Artisan, Bangladesh has experienced a wide variety of unease.
However, just when foreigners in Bangladesh were beginning to venture outside and security restrictions by many multi-nationals were beginning to relax a little, we had two incidents where, apparently, lone wolf radicals tried to carry out attacks within the RAB headquarters.
Reportedly, one detonated a suicide vest which wounded men in uniform. The authority has declared that any militant outfit or activity will be dealt with a strong hand, and, so far, we have seen quite a few operations which claimed to have thwarted radical plans to disrupt social harmony.
Now, as a journalist who has worked, and still works, in international development, the question I often face is: How safe is Bangladesh?
Can one go out on the streets without falling directly into some radicalisation-driven mayhem? The first thing I say is, Bangladesh is no less safe than any other European country and not immune to petty crimes which affect other major cities.
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Dhaka Tribune, March 19, 2017

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