A crisis out of hand

Sep 9, 2017
Repeated calls to the international community regarding the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar appear to be falling on deaf ears.
But if the world is unwilling to take action on the humanitarian grounds to help these unfortunate souls, there is another reason that should incline us all to pay attention to the crisis.
The ceaseless persecution of the Rohingya runs the risk of empowering extremist elements into seizing their plight as an opportunity, and, in turn, widening the conflict to trans-national terror groups.
The greater the inaction of the international community regarding this issue, the greater the space for extremist groups to swoop in and gain a foothold in a region they have thus far been unable to penetrate.
History teaches us that extremism thrives where there is a breakdown of the state. If what we are witnessing in Rakhine State gets mutated into a full-blown insurgency, it leaves the region open to terror networks to conduct operations in.
It is in the interests of both Bangladesh and Myanmar, the whole world in fact, to avoid such circumstances. But if the world continues to let the Myanmar army burn the Rohingya out of their villages, that is where we may all end up.
Dhaka Tribune, September 9, 2017

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