Reforms in security organs to ensure security

Dec 5, 2017
The responsibility of Ministry of Interior’s Border Police command was officially handed over to Ministry of National Defense the other day. Addressing a ceremony held on this occasion, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said the plan has been undertaken based on the necessity of creation of single command and prevention of disorder in commanding of Afghan National Security and Defense Forces and hereafter disorder would be prevented and a single command would be created.
The decision on handing over of Border Police command to MoD was taken due to this logic that principally defending the country’s borders was duty of MoD . This is part of reforms in security- military forces.
Reforms in security forces is taking place based on empowerment plan of the security and defense sectors as part of structural changes, as war on corruption, arming, equipping, professional training and capacity building of security, military bodies as well as assignment of police units in their main jobs are other sectors of reform process connected to national security-military forces.
Empowering, professionalism and organizational reforms of ANSDF is the only logical solution that could result in improvement of security and stability in the country. In the wake of managing to neutralize all plots and conspiracies of enemies of peace and stability of the country, put an end to concerns on sustainability and existence of legitimate and legal system of Afghanistan and pave the way for implementation of other programs of the government towards growth, progress and ultimately development of the country, the national unity government decided to introduce reforms in all structures including security-military units and is sincerely trying to improve the system from logical capability and capacity perspective.
The national unity government has gained visible and outstanding achievements on attraction of its international partners’ support to ANSDF. This support includes continuation of training for academic capacity building of ANSDF personnel and their further equipping particularly the air forces. The ministries included the security sectors have succeeded to train remarkable number of young human forces inside and outside the country.
Reforms in security, defense forces no doubt would cause considerable changes to take place in war on terror and improving of security and stability. Improving of security and defense bodies is essential for improving of war front in war on terror and security threats.
Prior to this it was said that war in the country has been out of defensive and has taken the form of offensive to sanctuaries of terrorists. Reform of national security, military forces would further strengthen this situation.
Kabul Times, December 5, 2017

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