Taliban, backers on the merge of collapse, but IS still a threat

Dec 7, 2017
The country’s local media, the other day reported that a senior al-Qaeda leader, along with up to 80 members were killed during a joint counterinsurgents operation in the country’s east and southern provinces.
A statement from the country’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) confirmed the death of top terrorist leader and 80 of its associates in the joint yesterday’s offensives launched by Afghan security and defense forces in cooperation with NATO’s Resolute Support Mission troops in some restive areas of the country.
The death of the terrorists, including Omar Khatab, the senior leader come after their hideouts were destroyed during the operation, during which, 27 members of the terrorist networks were also arrested and five of their hideouts were abolished.
Key members of the outfit fighting the country’s security forces and international troops since 2015, including Qasem, known as Khuram Kayani, Hussan Hamza, Mustafa, a military commander, three Pakistani militants and two local Taliban were among the dead.
The Al-Qaeda insurgents were also providing communication support and training for the Afghan and foreign Taliban militants along the Afghan-Pak borders and had safe asylum in the neighboring country.
This is a good news that one of the most dangerous terrorist network is going towards full elimination after their top leader was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan, and the war-weary Afghans is getting rid of another vicious phenomenon, but both Afghan forces and the international troops should focus on the main hideouts of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the insecure provinces of the country.
Daesh or the Islamic State militants, who are operative in some parts of the country, still remained a biggest threat.
They are killing innocent Afghans including women and children. They are killing Afghan security forces and the international peace-keeping troops. They spare no effort to defame the holy Islam and finally they are those nefarious elements, abiding by no law and rules.
The people of Afghanistan are fed up with so-long insurgency and can’t tolerate barbaric acts from the growing militancy in the country.
The more extremist than the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Daesh can pose a huge threat on the government and people of Afghanistan as well as on the people worldwide, and the international community, particularly the US should step up against them timely and prior to go out of control, like those in Syria and Iraq.
However, Afghanistan would never turn to IS center, because of two reasons; this land is not prepared for growing these alien element on one hand and on the other the international community’s presence will not allow them arise and expand activities, but some foreign circles are fully cooperating with them and providing them with training centers and military equipment and sending them to other countries, like Afghanistan to launch terrorist activities.
The Kabul Times, December 7, 2017

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