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With India, the strategic relationship has led the economic relationship: Australian envoy

Ties between Australia and India are among the fastest growing and multifaceted. In an exclusive interview with India Review and Analysis, Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu outlines some key drivers of this strategic relationship.

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'There are too many tensions between India and China'

China today looms large on South Asia's radar, whether regarding uncertain ties with India, its patron-client relationship with Pakistan, and its sustained efforts to gain a strategic foothold in other South Asian nations like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and even Afghanistan.

'Imran Khan has considerable goodwill in India'

In an e-mail interview with South Asia Monitor to mark Pakistan's 71st independence anniversary August 14,  Dr Ahmed recalls how Pakistan's creation was a "last-minute decision", says any peace deal with India must include "approval of the Pakistan Army" and said the only way forward for the two countries is the "Kasuri Plan" of the former Pakistan foreign minister. 

Venezuela can give more oil to India, want more agri ties: Ambassador

Venezuela is ready to provide India with more crude oil and is also keen on cooperation in the field of agriculture, said the envoy of the South American nation that is struggling with astronomically high inflation that it blames squarely on the “criminal actions” of the US.

Tunisia-India: Taking ties beyond phosphates: Amb Nejmeddine Lakhal

India and Tunisia are celebrating 60 years of diplomatic ties. Speaking  to India Review & Analysis, Tunisia’s Ambassador to India, Nejmeddine Lakhal, offered his country as a “platform” for access to the markets of Europe, Africa and the Arab world. 

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