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Muslim women welcome amendments to Triple Talaq Bill

The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan welcomes the amendments suggested by the cabinet to the triple talaq bill - The Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights On Marriage) Bill, 2017.

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Kashmir needs greater autonomy: Arun Shourie

“I am a chapter of Kashmiri history and I have lived through the miserable times,” were the opening remarks of senior Congress leader Saifuddin Soz while introducing his book, ‘Kashmir – Glimpses of History and Story of Struggle’  (Rupa) in New Delhi.

Cricket mania grips Afghanistan

Many Afghans including most of the current team discovered the game while living as refugees in Pakistan in the 1980s and 90s and brought their passion back home when they returned

Death of a journalist: 'In Kashmir it's impossible to know who are our friends and who are our enemies'

“We shall meet when you come here,” Shujaat Bukhari told me over phone some months ago. I did, only to encounter his bullet-perforated body as I returned home for Eid.

Uniting South Asia through sports: Let there be more Rashid Khans

The unifying power of sports has been demonstrated time and again. especially. whenever there has been an adversity. But the potency of it in bringing the South Asian nations together has been less understood and less explored till a 20-year old Afghan cricketing sensation Rashid Khan captured the minds and imagination of the entire sub-continent during this year’s edition of Indian Premier League (IPL). 

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