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India-Australia ties: Time to change the vocabulary

As Indian President Ram Nath Kovind makes a state visit to Australia November 21, it should be remembered that no relationship can be crafted if it does not matter in their own right. Till Canberra recognizes this, we would remain trapped in the cauldron that the 3Cs (cricket-curry-Commonwealth) represent, writes Amb Amit Dasgupta (retd.) for South Asia Monitor

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Trump's populist pitch: Tough choices before Modi

The US plan to export dairy products has raised the hackles for consumers in the country and also the ruling party because of the religious sentiment involved. Cows in India are seen, especially by the majority Hindus, as sacred. But in the US, the feed for cows, particularly in factory farms, is not necessarily vegetarian,  writes Saroj Mohanty for South Asia Monitor

Sri Lankan President has acted for narrow interests, endangering democracy

Sirisena has now shown an extraordinary level of lack of statesmanship by creating this constitutional crisis and, in the process, destabilizing the smooth democratic process in Sri Lanka. If Sirisena had developed differences with Wickremesinghe, the obvious course of action for him was to dissolve the parliament and call for national elections, writes N.S.Venkataraman for South Asia Monitor.

The rise of Barelvi militancy in Pakistan - with army's tacit support

With the Pakistan Army’s tacit, unimpeded support to the radical Barelvi outfit as a counterpoise to the Sunni-Deobandi’s political, social, cultural, ideological, and militant influence, the TLP contested the recent general elections in July 2018, writes Divya Anand for South Asia Monitor.

The Chinese shadow on Australia-India ties

A change in government next May will bring subtle changes in approach - but these changes will not fundamentally impact the Australia-India relationship, writes Andrew Hunter for South Asia Monitor.    
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Cyclonic storm Gaja batters South India

A severe cyclonic storm, Gaja, battered the coast of the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu on Friday, leaving at least 15 people dead and causing widespread destruction.


Iran, India discuss trade cooperation under US sanctions

India and Iran discussed ways of continuing biliateral trade under reimposed US sanctions, Eghtesad Online news website reported.