India distributes its strategic dependence: Prioritising US, but no dilution with Russia

That this cooperation with the USA does not imply a dilution of the India-Russia relationship is reflected in the fact that the Indian Foreign Minister Sushma  Swaraj was in Moscow (Sep 14)  to further technical and economic cooperation. Later, in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in India for the annual bilateral summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

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New Kashmir governor needs to curb radicalisation of youth

In a society engulfed in conflict for three decades, a perceived sense of discrimination, false promises, lack of role models and opportunities, denial of justice, harassment by security forces and fear of losing their monolithic culture are driving youth towards radicalisation, writes Anil Gupta for South Asia Monitor

While Taliban are strengthening, peace in Afghanistan can come only through negotiations

Washington should press Pakistan to compel the Taliban to negotiate and reach a peaceful solution. With Pakistan’s economy in the doldrums, potent pressure may work, writes Jai Kumar Verma for South Asia Monitor

India’s Economic Vision 2022 can lift living standards of South Asia

It is time for the neighbouring countries to realize that if India’s GDP grows at 9% in the next 20 to 30 years, then the per capita income will also rise, from US$ 1500 to US$ 7000 per annum, according to the report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which will significantly enable them to reach a higher income level, write Srimal Fernando and Megha Gupta for South Asia Monitor.

Kerala floods: Grave challenge and a window of opportunity

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has already won acclaim for the way he has handled the situation so far. His real test now is to build a new Kerala by directing the relief funds to the right people and projects and not frittered away by groups and individuals, writes T P Sreenivasan for South Asia Monitor.  

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Indian cities, states step up climate action plans

At the Global Climate Action Summit, mayors and government functionaries of Indian cities have announced to scale up their actions to combat climate change and to protect people from hazardous climate impacts.


Chinese company bids for monorail in Kathmandu

A Chinese company has submitted the feasibility study report of a proposed monorail in Kathmandu city, taking forward China’s efforts to develop infrastructure in Nepal, as they are seekin...