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Kabul killings: New dimensions in today's journalist copybook

News reporting has always been hazardous work. I learnt this first hand when barely four years in the field as a cub reporter in Delhi. It was the 1970s and bomb explosions like the recent one in Kabul which killed nine, including a woman, journalists, were yet to be listed as dangers in a reporter’s copybook.

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A welcome decision

The decision of the Chief Minister to withdraw cases against stone pelters has been widely hailed.

Kashmiris are the real stakeholders

On October 23 this year the Indian government appointed Dineshwar Sharma, who was Director Intelligence Bureau, as an interlocutor for Jammu & Kashmir.

A silver lining for peace and progress in Kashmir

In the most visible sign of tensions reducing in Kashmir, the government of India is planning to announce an amnesty scheme for stone-pelters in the Valley, and even withdraw cases against first-time offenders, Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday.

Why this decline?

Not only in Kashmir, saffron production has registered decline in Chenab Valley as well. The crop desperately needs a fresh lease of life.

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