Pakistan political parties fail to name caretaker PM

Following the failure of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the opposition to reach a consensus on the name of a caretaker Prime Minister, the issue will now be sent to a parliamentary committee for deliberations, it emerged?.

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Supreme Court’s Excalibur

Ronald Goldfarb in his book The Contempt Power referred to a criminal case from mediaeval England as follows: “When King Henry the Fifth was the Prince of Wales, his servant was arrested for committing a felony.

Three choices to deal with US

Initially, perhaps many would have assumed, President Donald Trump’s 4am tweet on the New Year was just a bluster. But hold on! He has proved his detractors wrong. Trump has made good on his threats as his administration moved swiftly to suspend almost the entire security assistance to Pakistan.

The Haqqani dilemma

Well, at least we’ve got round to admitting the obvious. The implication of telling the Americans that they have given us a pittance is that we struck a lousy deal to begin with.

What we need from China

The extraordinary progress that China has made in human development by lifting millions of people out of poverty, despite having the largest population of 1.4 billion, is no less than a miracle. The Chinese top-tier leadership attaches great importance to its human resource development.

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India poised to join China as global leaders in renewables: Report

India is poised to join China as the two global leaders in the renewable energy technology-led transformation, a US-based research institute said.


India in “good position” to face fallout from possible trade tensions: UN economist

India is in a “good position” to deal with any fallout from global trade tensions and with right policies can reach an 8 percent-plus growth rate and hold it, according to a UN econo...