India becomes a signatory to Trump's global anti-drug campaign

US President Donald Trump launched on Monday a global campaign against the "scourge of drugs" with links to terrorism and asked for coordinated action to "save the lives of countless people in all corners of the world".

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Can a united opposition front unseat BJP from power?

If one explanation has to be given for the BJP’s electoral ills in the Hindi heartland and nearby states, it is arrogance. Even more than the Narendra Modi government’s failures on the employment and agricultural fronts, it is the party’s and the government’s haughtiness, reflected in the vice-president, M Venkaiah Naidu’s characterization of Modi as “God’s gift to the nation” which has been undermining the party’s standing.

Congress must change its leader to challenge Modi

The opposition parties may be willing to accept someone else from the Congress, if the party can find a person strong enough to challenge Modi, writes N S Venkataraman for South Asia Monitor

Is BJP readying for yearend elections?

A trial balloon is being hoisted by the ruling BJP in India to achieve its objective of holding simultaneous elections to state assemblies and Parliament by opting for an early poll for the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament, along with eight states that will be going to polls in 2018. Parliamentary elections are due only in 2019. This can be achieved as BJP rules all states which have to go to the polls in 2018.

Kuwait calls for UNSC transparency, end to veto on crimes against humanity

Kuwait has called for more transparency in the working of the Security Council and asked its permanent members to refrain from using their veto rights on issues relating to crimes against humanity.

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