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India's diversifying ties with Saudi Arabia: Need to integrate economic and security interests

Indian energy diplomacy has long been plagued by a belated undertaking of due diligence back home before the concluding of agreements with foreign countries. The fact that the massive Saudi investment in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is now caught in the crosshairs of local politics and land acquisition issues, is just one more example of this tendency, writes Dr Cauvery Ganapathy for South Asia Monitor 

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Times for US to pass trans-pacific partnership

Billed as the most important trade deal of the 21st century, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is awaiting the approval of the American Congress since October 2015 when the agreement was formally signed by all 12 nations.  

Public health is best left to markets

Game-changing inventions taken out of entrepreneurs’ hands; slower innovation in healthcare technology and fewer ground-breaking treatments for patients worldwide: All these are possible outcomes of a combative report from the influential United Nations High Level Panel on Access to Medicines, which takes aim at the market-based system of drug development.

How India is shaping the global smartphone market

Western smartphone makers, like Apple and Google, are increasingly looking east for growth, giving countries like India significant influence over the sorts of features they build into their phones.

India and Pakistan: A tale of two economies

Moreover, the different outcomes for the two neighbours makes it clear that the quality of Indian institutions and their ability to bend but not break under the weight of social divisions and instability have had a much more decisive role in determining our fortunes.  
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