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India's diversifying ties with Saudi Arabia: Need to integrate economic and security interests

Indian energy diplomacy has long been plagued by a belated undertaking of due diligence back home before the concluding of agreements with foreign countries. The fact that the massive Saudi investment in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is now caught in the crosshairs of local politics and land acquisition issues, is just one more example of this tendency, writes Dr Cauvery Ganapathy for South Asia Monitor 

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Good times for small exporters

India’s current favourite retail export products are: specially crafted shoes, carpets with designer motifs, ayurveda products, leather jackets, handicrafts, home furnishings, jewellery, khadi apparels, ethnic-wear, decorative paintings, traditional Jodhpur garments, organic products, musical instruments, sports goods, medical equipment, surgical items and auto components. Each item can become a billion-dollar plus category in a few years if we can ensure fast and hassle free shipment. But that remains a big challenge.

Deconstructing India's model bilateral investment treaty

India’s efforts to attract and safeguard foreign investment while protecting public interest will be keenly watched in the midst of reforms in international investment agreements.

Universal basic income: An idea whose time has come?

Marx would have been pleased. Contrary to his prediction, the communist revolution never happened in advanced capitalist countries. However, the libertarians in these countries have now come together with the socialists and communists around the idea of a universal basic income (UBI).  

Rupee 1 scam aside, JanDhan has been an encouraging story far

This may have been done under pressure from the government or it may just have been overzealous bank officials who wanted to show the prime minister’s flagship project was not a dud as most said it would be—after all, several such pushes for no-frills accounts have been tried in the past and, after the initial flurry, nothing much comes of them.

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