India encouraging more self-reliance in defence manufacturing

The Indian government has approved the implementation of a set of guidelines for the defence Strategic Partnership model that incentivises domestic private as well as foreign firms in military manufacturing in the country.

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Retooling for a new Asia

That India has little sense of geography and history was once again underlined by the scant national attention paid to President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit last week to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Mukherjee’s visit to the Andamans, as his trip to Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland a few weeks ago, was about alerting the Indian political classes about the geopolitical significance of its far-flung and neglected territories.


Different visions of the Indo-Pacific: China, India, the US and Australia

Each country has a different vision of the so-called 'Indo-Pacific' and its role in it. The views of India, China and the US are of particular interest to Australia given its interlocking relationships with each.  

International Relations of Asia & US Foreign Policy

In brief, I argue that only Japan has the strength to really block China’s rise to hegemony in east Asia. Russia is too weak, especially out here. India just can’t seem to get its act together (I used to push India really hard as an obstacle, but it just doesn’t seem up to it.) 

'India integral to US Asia-Pacific rebalance'

The US has taken several steps to step up defence cooperation with India as it considers New Delhi integral to Washington's ongoing Asia-Pacific rebalance thrust, according to a top Pentagon official.

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Six new elephant corridors to protect natural nomads

Expressing concern over the increasing number of elephant deaths in India, an international organisation involved in the preservation and protection of these animals globally has stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive policy change in the country to arrest the rapid fall in elephant population.


India’s growth trajectory predicated on structural reform

India’s ruling NDA regime will, no doubt, bask in the glow of regaining the world’s fastest-growing economy position according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).