S-400 deal will give India high-tech air-defence capability

India’s major threat is from China, which has an ambitious stealth fighter programme and a sophisticated surface to surface missile arsenal.  They have clear anti-access/area denial doctrines, which use a combination of ballistic and cruise missiles launched from air, land and sea to cover targets in the Asia-Pacific region, writes Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd.) for South Asia Monitor    

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India and China: Are they mismatched?

Have you ever wondered how two of the world's ancient civilisations, India and China shared advanced ideas in the past? They looked at each other, learned and adopted what was suitable to their genius. Yet in colonial times their relations suffered. This was because of political and boundary disputes. To westerners they are mismatched nations. But the rest of the world hopes that if these two behemoths cooperate the world can only benefit.  

Fair Play Rules: Integrating into a Western framework of international rules rests in the balance unless US takes heed of Asia

Foreign policy commands attention when it is crisis management. A street revolt breaks out in Egypt, Libya or Ukraine, and everyone asks how the president of the United States should respond.


Obama’s nuclear weapons policy

During his tenure, President Obama has shown keenness to revamp thinking about the utility of nuclear weapons. Obama has demonstrated a strong tendency to give a greater role to strategic conventional weaponry such as missile defence technology and Prompt Global Strike (PGS) programmes.

1962 war and India’s China policy

In analysing any armed conflict, two aspects have great importance. Why did it happen, or what were the geo-political and strategic circumstances which led to the conflict? And, how was it fought on the ground? The Henderson Brooks' Operational Review (HB Review) of the 1962 India-China war, long overdue for de-classification and academic study, deals with the latter part. 
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Sikkim shines; receives FAO award for becoming world's first organic state

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling received the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) prestigious Future Policy Gold Award from its Deputy Director Maria Helena Semedo, who commended the Himalayan state for setting an example to the world by becoming the first totally organic state.


China backs Pakistan's request for IMF assistance

China has endorsed Pakistan’s request to the IMF for a bailout package, but cautioned that it should not affect economic cooperation between Islamabad and Beijing.