Indian peacekeepers in South Sudan: A friend in need

The reputation of the Indian soldier as a highly disciplined and deadly fighter had already been established by the end of World War II. It was only after India’s Independence that the Indian soldier came to be recognized as an ideal peacekeeper or peacemaker.

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India’s maritime gateway to the Pacific

Being one of the most important seas of the world, geopolitically, economically and strategically, the South China Sea (SCS) attracts considerable attention in the strategic community in India. It continues to be seen as one of the most difficult regional conflicts in the Asia-Pacific and an “arena of escalating contention.” 

India calls for security architecture with Asian characteristics

India's National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon called for a “security architecture with Asian characteristics”, that would be the “political-military equivalent of the open interlinked economic order that has so benefitted the region, taking into account the primarily maritime nature of many regional security issues and disputes amenable to collective solutions”. 

Not so natural allies

India does not seem to doubt Japanese motivations in pursuing a friendship offensive with India, or its logic. The weakening of the US’s global influence and China’s increased assertiveness seem to dictate an intensification of the Japan-India interaction.

Joint command: Theme for a Chinese dream

The unified structure being adopted by China will lead to the strengthening of its military prowess to back up the country’s global ambitions. In India, political waffling has so far prevented the emergence of a similar combined structure for its armed forces.

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For creating an ecologically-friendly environment in Pakistan

  Unchecked urbanisation, overpopulation, tap water mixed with sewage water, raw industrial domestic effluents going straight into River Ravi without any cleansing process. Depleting ground water without adequate recharge of ground aquifers.


Fitch raises India's FY19 GDP growth forecast to 7.8%

US multinational Fitch Ratings on Friday raised India's GDP growth forecast for the current fiscal to 7.8 per cent, up from their earlier estimate of 7.4 per cent, indicating, however, that ...