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China's protection of terrorist Masood Azhar ensures peace for its CPEC

China has a clear strategic vision and its intent and policy are in complete sync with its global interests. It is clear that China is using its diplomatic lever to act against India's interests, as Pakistan has requested, in pursuance of their joint strategic objectives, writes Brig Anil Gupta (retd.) for South Asia Monitor

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Military transparency and Asian security

We have all heard the saying, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” That is particularly true where Asian security is concerned. Indeed, I believe that a framework under which Asian governments publicly disclose their military budgets needs to be established if we are to build trust and avoid a regional arms race.

Shangri-La Dialogue 2014: A wasted opportunity?

The International Institute for Strategic Studies' (IISS) Asia Security Summit – or Shangri-La Dialogue, is an annual meeting of defence ministers, permanent heads of ministries and military chiefs of states located in the Asia-Pacific region writes Obja Borah Hazarika

South East Asia needs a stable security architecture

China provoked a furious Vietnamese reaction by sending a deep-water oil-drilling rig into the disputed waters off the Paracel Islands recently. Incensed Vietnamese mobs attacked Chinese factories, killing at least two Chinese workers, injuring over a hundred. China was forced to evacuate over 3,000 of its citizens from Vietnam. China claims the whole of the South China Sea as its own and has disputes with several countries, over its egregious claims of sovereignty over islands in these waters.  

China and South Asian regionalism

South Asian regionalism is governed mostly by the Saarc. Over its 29 years of existence, Saarc has some achievements to its credit, but in economic areas like trade and investments, Saarc's record remains far from satisfactory. Intra-regional trade still accounts for only 6 % despite 10 years of regional trade stimulus by Sapta and 8 years by Safta.   
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