India joins elite club, inducts advanced submarine rescue vessel

India has joined an elite group of nations by inducting its first flyaway Deep Sea Submarine Rescue System along with other associated equipment in Mumbai.

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US in the world

There has been a festival of commentary of late bemoaning the pusillanimous foreign policy of President Obama. If only we had a president who rode horses shirtless, wrestled a tiger or took a bite out of a neighbouring country, we’d all feel much safer. Your Honour, I rise in — partial — defense of Mr. Obama.  

Canadian envoy to head Asia Pacific Foundation

Stewart Beck, Canada’s High Commissioner to India, will move to Vancouver in August to take over as President and CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation, a think tank with expertise  on Asia Pacific countries, including India.


India and China: Are they mismatched?

Have you ever wondered how two of the world's ancient civilisations, India and China shared advanced ideas in the past? They looked at each other, learned and adopted what was suitable to their genius. Yet in colonial times their relations suffered. This was because of political and boundary disputes. To westerners they are mismatched nations. But the rest of the world hopes that if these two behemoths cooperate the world can only benefit.  

Fair Play Rules: Integrating into a Western framework of international rules rests in the balance unless US takes heed of Asia

Foreign policy commands attention when it is crisis management. A street revolt breaks out in Egypt, Libya or Ukraine, and everyone asks how the president of the United States should respond.

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Gujarat women’s group gets UNFCCC award

India's Gujarat state got a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) award for women's leadership with low cost and sustainable technology to tackle storms.


Indian government appoints new Chief Economic Advisor

The Indian government has appointed Krishnamurthy Subramanian as its new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) in place of Arvind Subramanian, who left the post in July this year.