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China likely to relent on terrorist Masood Azhar?

Is there a thaw in somewhat strained Beijing-New Delhi ties? From available indications China is likely to ease its hard position on the issue of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar within a month after Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale shared "all evidences" with the Chinese leadership in Beijing about the Pakistan-based outfit's terror activities.

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Asia's patriotic gore

If a space alien landed in East Asia today, it would find a region shaped by rapid economic transformation, complex geopolitical dynamics, and deep historical animosities. Perhaps viewing the region from such a perspective is exactly what Asia's leaders need to do to ensure that its positive trends continue – and to halt the dangerous ones.  

Obama's East Asia visit: New contest for regional supremacy?

As Barack Obama paid a visit to East Asia – Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines - the world was closely watching how the US was going to handle the emerging issue of China’s growing influence and increasing assertiveness in its backyard writes Gaurav Dixit  

US in the world

There has been a festival of commentary of late bemoaning the pusillanimous foreign policy of President Obama. If only we had a president who rode horses shirtless, wrestled a tiger or took a bite out of a neighbouring country, we’d all feel much safer. Your Honour, I rise in — partial — defense of Mr. Obama.  

Canadian envoy to head Asia Pacific Foundation

Stewart Beck, Canada’s High Commissioner to India, will move to Vancouver in August to take over as President and CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation, a think tank with expertise  on Asia Pacific countries, including India.

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