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The importance of a nation-defining speech

Throughout the course of history there have been many famous speeches that have shaped the future of a country. For Bangladesh - that is set to observe Victory Day on December 16 -  that defining speech was on March 7, 1971, when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the nation's founding father,  articulated his vision for the yet to be born nation.

The Mob, Mobocrats and Mobocracy

I have been watching with utter dismay and disbelief that a nuclear power like Pakistan is so completely helpless and powerless in clearing its capital of a bellicose mob, hell-bent on challenging the writ of the Government - and by that token the will of the state.

Rohingya crisis requires urgent resolution

The Rohingya community appears to be the most persecuted and helpless minority group in the present world.

China will not give up its demands on India

India and China were ‘eyeball to eyeball’ for 73 days at the Doklam tri-junction area of India – China –Bhutan. The standoff began when China attempted to construct a road to Doklam plateau, a disputed territory between Bhutan and China.

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Cyclonic storm Gaja batters South India

A severe cyclonic storm, Gaja, battered the coast of the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu on Friday, leaving at least 15 people dead and causing widespread destruction.


Japan seeks to boost connectivity with India's Northeast

Japanese Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu has said his country is serious about boosting connectivity in India's north-eastern states by building roads and bridges.