The dichotomy in Bangladesh: Democracy or development

By narrowing the space for dissent and dichotomizing values, the ruling Awami League has effectively defanged the opposition, media as well as ordinary people writes Rishija Singh for South Asia Monitor

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Can Afghan peace be achieved in a hurry?

India has intensified discussions with other stakeholders, including China and Russia, to reiterate their collective stance in ensuring that the peace process in Afghanistan is both Afghan-owned and Afghan-led, writes Chayanika Saxena for South Asia Monitor.    

India in 2019: Will it live up to its potential?

There is a growing perception that the ruling BJP may not be able to repeat its performance of securing a majority of its own in the Lok Sabha (House of People or lower house of parliament) because its record of governance is not perceived to be up to the mark and its ideology of religious division is not acceptable to the larger mass of Indians, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

The return of Sheikh Hasina: A role model for South Asia

The Hasina government has a secular vision. It has amended some of the constitutional provisions to restore the democratic credentials of the country. Since she got elected for the second time and, continuously since then,  Hasina has dealt firmly with extremist and religious fundamentalist forces, cracking down on Islamist and terror cells, writes Saroj Mohanty for South Asia Monitor  

Bridging the security gap: Strategic Bogibeel bridge will boost Northeast connectivity

The Bogibeel bridge will boost the Northeast’s connectivity with the rest of the country and help India counter China’s massive infrastructure projects on the other side of the LAC. The bridge will resolve logistical challenges of the Indian armed forces stationed along the LAC in Arunachal, which shares a 1080 km-long border with China, writes Rupak Bhattacharjee for South Asia Monitor.

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