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Leading designers join Indian spiritual guru in Fashion for Peace in New York

Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, known as much for his sartorial sense as his profound wisdom, joined the world’s leading designers in a global effort to Save the Weaves at Fashion for Peace in New York City on 13 February 2019. 

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Education institutions need to focus on research and employability

It's April and time to celebrate for millions of young Indians (and South Asians) who have just finished their school-leaving class XII examination. The days that follow help unwind after months of exam preparation. The celebrations, however, are short-lived. The next many weeks and months get consumed preparing for admission tests for entry into a wide variety of disciplines.

Indian cinema needs to ride the change - or die

In several of my recent articles I have written about the crisis facing the Indian film industry, specially Bollywood. To reiterate a few of the problems again one can talk about few screens (less than 9,000) dwindling footfalls in cinemas, increasing entertainment options, over-production, lack of innovation and so on. Yet in a peculiarly perverse sort of way, tinsel town will survive for now. Why this will happen in spite of mounting problems is interesting. Let's look at some of the reasons.

Italy, India celebrate 70 years of ties with culture and concert

A series of cultural exchanges, including exhibitions and musical concerts, have been planned to celebrate 70 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Italy.

Los Angeles hosts Rembrandt’s little-known India inspiration

Among the most surprising aspects of Rembrandt’s van Rijn’s prodigious output are 23 surviving drawings closely based on portraits made by artists working in Mughal India. These drawings mark a striking diversion for this quintessentially Dutch “Golden Age” artist, the only time he made a careful and extensive study of art from a dramatically different culture. 

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