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India–Pakistan power play 2019: A Sri Lankan perspective By Piyumi Fonseka

The Indian subcontinent is home to two of the largest armies on Earth. Not only are the armies of India and Pakistan among the world's largest, but they have stood on alert facing one another since the dissolution of the British Indian Army in 1947.

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Uttarakhand, an intriguing case of Hindutva politics
Bhoomika Joshi

If we want to deconstruct Hindutva, we need to look at is regional avatars – its many regional Hindutvas. Uttarakhand is a case in point.  

Kashmir’s leaders must stop threatening the administration and strive for peace
By Brig Anil Gupta (retd)

Kashmiri leaders would be well advised to become contributors to the peace process rather than disruptors, writes Brig Anil Gupta

Uyghur repression in China's Xinjiang has implications for region
By Anurag Tripathi

Ethnic tension in the Xinjiang autonomous region of China is increasing. The tension is no longer limited to Xinjiang but is spreading across the border to other Central Asian states as well. According to media reports, over the past six years at least 1,000 people have died in ethnic tensions in Xinjiang.

Modi must address important concerns over the next year
By Sudip Bhattacharyya

Institutions of good governance are crumbling due to pressure from the Modi government - this is another concern which Modi must address, writes Sudip Bhattacharyya  for South Asia Monitor

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